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Session date & time notifications sent
May 13, 2021
Speaker information edits due
June 30, 2021
Speaker LOA due
June 30, 2021


Co-presenters must be identified
June 30, 2021
All A/V requests due to Nacha
July 1, 2021
Presentation materials due
July 12, 2021


Presentations available to attendees
July 26, 2021
Final day to send speaker substitutions
July 31, 2021

Important Information

Hotel Information
Speakers must make their own travel arrangements and hotel reservations. Please identify yourself as a Nacha Payments Conference attendee when booking your hotel stay. The list of available conference hotels can be found here: payments.nacha.org/travel-accommodations
Conference Registration
Speakers will receive one (1) nontransferable, complimentary conference registration that includes access to all sessions. Nacha will register all conference speakers. Please do not register yourself for the conference. 
Letter of Agreement
Letter of Agreement is due by June 30, 2021: payments.nacha.org/speaker-letter-agreement-form
A/V Information
Laptops will be provided in session rooms. Please bring your presentation on a thumb drive. The standard A/V set for your session room is as follows:

Ø  Head table set for three speakers. (Nacha will arrange more seating for larger panels)

Ø  1 Podium Microphone

Ø  3 Lavaliere Microphones (wireless)

Ø  1 Q&A Microphone in Audience

Ø  LCD Projector and Screen with VGA connector

Ø  Audio patch provided for videos/sound

Please send any requests for additional equipment to speakerinfo@nacha.org with the subject line "Payments 2021 A/V request." With the exception of audio patches, all A/V requests are due by July 1, 2021 and are subject to approval. A/V requests made after this date will be considered but may be rejected due to late notice. No A/V changes will be allowed onsite, including requests for additional microphones

When making A/V requests please consider the questions below and include answers in your responses.

  1. Will you have a video or sound in your presentation and require an audio patch? If so, you must inform Nacha by April 1 or else your request may not be accommodated.
  2. Are you using a MacBook or iPad? If yes, do you have a video adapter? If yes, what is the output? HDMI or VGA?
Speaker and Moderator Guidelines


Contact Us

Alyssa Romeo
Director, Education & Accreditation

Jennifer West, AAP
Director, Payments Innovation Alliance, Education & Accreditation

Stephanie Prebish, AAP, CTP
Senior Director & Group Manager, Association Services

Suggested Twitter Posts or Taglines for Speakers

Social Media Template

Please feel free to copy and paste any of the sample tweets below: 

Excited to be speaking at #Payments2021! Join me: https://payments.nacha.org/

I'll be speaking at #Payments2021! Join me for innovative payments solutions, best practices and more: https://payments.nacha.org/

I'm speaking at #Payments2021 with fellow payments and innovation experts. Learn more about the conference: https://payments.nacha.org/

Looking forward to presenting at @NachaOnline's #Payments2021! Learn more about the conference: https://payments.nacha.org/

Looking forward to sharing industry insights as one  of @NachaOnline's #Payments2021 speakers. https://payments.nacha.org/