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The ACH Network continues to evolve to support innovation and emerging business models and opportunities. Uniquely ubiquitous, the ACH Network is instrumental to moving the payments space forward while balancing new ways of doing business with sound risk management and a reach that delivers game-changing impact. These sessions focus on increasing awareness about the most critical ACH-related topics necessary to operate today and compete tomorrow.

Topics include: ACH and ACH Rules topics, non-risk-related Nacha initiatives, including audit and Same Day ACH

Sessions in this track include:

  • ACH State of the Union
  • ACH, What is That Again? Yes, We Still Need ACH Payments.
  • How FRFS and TCH are Working Together to Improve ACH Exceptions
  • Pay by Bank: Delivering on the Promise of a Better Payment Experience
  • The Power of ACH for Online Retail Payments: Exploring Innovations for E-Commerce Success
  • Unlocking the Potential: Leveraging ACH for Subscription Companies and Enhancing Monthly Subscriptions

Compliance & Regulatory

Rules and regulations are the bedrock of financial services and payments, and provide the necessary surety for transactions. Although often viewed simply as an area of compliance, developments here also encompass innovation, transaction quality, opportunity and financial reward. Understanding the most crucial concepts and innovations will lead to positive, competitive results.

Topics include: regulatory changes, legal-focused topics, legislative changes and activities in response to pandemic and emergency planning

Sessions in this track include:

  • 50 Years of Navigating Payments: A Panel Discussion of Payments Professionals Looking at the History of Payments and Considering Trends for the Future
  • Aligning Sustainability and Payments Modernization to Advance ESG Compliance
  • Ask a Payments Attorney
  • Authority, Authentication and Account Validation: A Review of Legal Obligations, Liabilities and Risks, and Practical Approaches
  • Automating Federal Government Reclamations and Exceptions
  • Consumer Payments Fraud: Trends and Risk Management
  • Examining the Larger Participants in Payments Rule
  • Exploring Federal Banking Regulators Guidance on Third-Party Risk Management
  • Funds Transfer Case Update: An Overview of Recent Cases Related to Funds Transfers Fraud and Other Funds Transfer Issues
  • Is There a Critical Operations Gap (Perhaps a Fatal Flaw) In Fintech?
  • Keeping it Safe: Building Controls to Strengthen Banking as a Service Programs
  • Recent Developments in Electronic Payments Law
  • Two Years In, What Has the CFPB Accomplished and Where Is It Headed?
  • Using Industry Standards to Drive Open Finance Adoption in the U.S.
  • Voice Recognition for Payments: Obligations and Rights of Customers and Financial Institutions

Cybersecurity & Risk

As payment and operating systems evolve, new threats and risks are introduced nearly as quickly. Staying a step ahead of those interlopers or fraudsters is key to mitigating loss of revenue, reputation and customer relationships. Sessions focus on emerging threats and ways to recognize risks to prevent loss, as well as provide the necessary surety for transactions.

Topics include: general risk, third parties, fraud, risk mitigation techniques, cross-channel risk

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Sessions in this track include:

  • Addressing the Alarming Growth in Scams with Information Sharing
  • As Money Moves Faster, So Does Fraud: How Strategic Friction in the Process Can Mitigate Nefarious Activities
  • Catch Me if You Can: Cybersecurity Threats and Bad Actors
  • Demystifying the Role of Digital IDs in Modernizing Payments
  • FinTechs: Not Your Ordinary Originator
  • Industry Collaboration on DDA Payment Tokens: A Safer Data Sharing and Payments Ecosystem
  • KNP: Know Your Payor, Do You Really Know Your Payor?
  • Leveraging AI to Outsmart Fraudsters
  • Preventing Payments from Going to Fraudsters: Leveraging AI to Outsmart Payment Fraud
  • Spotlight Session: The Human Element of Fraud
  • Stop, Don't Share That: Social Media Fraud and the Underground Economy
  • Synthetic Money Movers: The Growing, Undetected Multi-Billion Dollar Problem
  • The Importance of Proactive Cybersecurity Measures

Disruptive Ideas & Technologies

New technologies, infrastructures, opportunities and threats, value chain democratization and the redefinition of the way parties interact and transact is portending a future quite different from today. There will be winners and losers. These sessions focus on the topics that threaten to disrupt the status quo, elicit controversy, and provoke debate in the industry.

Topics include: artificial intelligence, blockchain, distributed ledgers, APIs, augmented reality, IoT, machine learning, voice response and robotics, and digital identity, APIs enabling data and information exchange, A/R and A/P reconciliation, and ISO 20022 and other standards

Sessions in this track include:

  • Demystifying Artificial Intelligence in Payments
  • Financial Institutions or Big Tech: Who Wins?
  • Leveraging an Agile Ecosystem for Faster Payments Experience and Improved KYC
  • Open Banking: Game Changer or Hype?
  • Payment Modernization: Conceptuality vs. Practicality
  • Preparing for the Future of Consumer Payments with Open Banking
  • Spotlight Session: Ripped from the Headlines: Insights into the Top Payments News
  • When is a Payment not a Payment? When it’s a Customer Journey.
  • Y2Q is Upon Us: Are You Ready?

Faster Payments Experience

With enhanced capabilities implemented to existing platforms and the introduction of new rails, faster payments is gaining adoption. Encompassing sessions and solutions that focus on same-day, immediate, and other faster payments initiatives, the Faster Payments Experience spans the breadth of the conference program, providing attendees with a complete and unparalleled examination of the rapidly emerging faster payments landscape. 

Topics include: faster payments capabilities, enhancements, use cases and platforms

Sessions in this track include:

  • Enabling Commerce in Faster Payments
  • Executive Series: Building Successful Bank-Fintech Partnerships that Transform Financial Services
  • Real-time Payments Scorecard: Where is There Room for Growth?
  • Real-time Wages: The Latest Job Perk in a Highly Competitive Marketplace
  • RTP and FedNow: Real Time Payments in the U.S.
  • Speed Bumps on The Road to Digital Transformation
  • The Global Payment Juggernaut: How Innovations are Changing the Playing Field
  • The Middle Market’s Latest Asset: Verticalized Working Capital Solutions
  • The Real Time Customer Experience
  • The Role of Directories in Promoting Faster Payments Adoption: International Lessons Learned

Payments in Practice

Sessions in this track go beyond the abstract while exploring proven results and solutions for payment participants. Use cases, success stories and proven results inspire the creation of ideas and offerings while exploring new ways to put payments in practice. 

Topics include: case studies, use cases and lessons learned, completed implementation of products, services and ideas, proven ideas and solutions

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Sessions in this track include:

  • Advancing Cross-Border Payments to Adapt to an Instant Payment World
  • How to Successfully Expand Your Company’s Role in the ACH Network: A Case Study
  • Payment Automation: The Future is Now!
  • Profit Through Personalization: Unlock the Potential of Your SMB Portfolio
  • Protecting Consumer Payment Data
  • Protecting Customers from Push Payment Fraud
  • Tapping Into Supplier Data to Reveal New Opportunities to Optimize B2B Payments
  • The Impact of Wire Transfer Conversion on U.S. Financial Institution Support of ISO 20022 Across Payment Rails
  • The Truth About Payment Hubs: Separating Myth from Reality
  • What’s in the Cards for B2B Payments? The Growing Role of Prepaid Cards

Practical Strategies

Sessions in this track focus on topics related to organizational goals, sound business practices, systems modernization, payments convergence and implementation planning for products, services and processes.

Topics include: research results and future approaches to evolving workplace and industry needs, and the impact of pandemics and natural disasters on business continuity plans

Sessions in this track include:

  • DE&I: Fostering Connection Among Your Hybrid Workforce
  • Executive Series: In the Room Where it Happens: Where Cash Management Practices Are Headed and How We Got Here
  • Executive Session: In an ESG World, the Financial Services Industry Can Win Big with Faster Payments
  • It’s a New World! How Does the Updated Payments Landscape Adjust to Fit The New Workforce Dynamic?
  • Pillars of Operational Resilience: Preparing Your Organization for when Disaster Strikes
  • Spotlight Session: The Frictionless Future of Influencer Payments and Fintech Marketplaces

Small to Large Business Perspectives

The ACH Network continues to evolve to support innovation and emerging technologies. At the end of the day, it's all about the customer. From small business to large corporates, payors and payees are why we are here. The sessions are for and by end-user clients—practitioners from corporate, business, state and local government, higher education, and charitable and religious organizations—that originate and receive payments. Content focuses on their experiences and needs, and the solutions and business practices to help them succeed.

Topics include: A/R; A/P; remittances; business operations; consumer outreach; UX; directories, small to medium business solutions

Sessions in this track include:

  • Accounting System Integration: Be the Hero of Efficiency for Your Commercial Customers
  • Increasing Payables Automation in the Middle-Market Business and Corporate Banking Environment
  • Payments Transformed: How AI and ML are Optimizing Processes
  • Unleashing B2B Instant Payments Potential
  • What Do SMBs Need from Financial Institutions?

Smarter Payments Experience

New smart technologies and tools are enabling financial institutions, fintechs and other providers to leverage rich information within and surrounding a payment throughout the end-to-end process. These capabilities instill greater intelligence that enhances decision-making and awareness, informs choices and actions, removes friction, strengthens security and confidence, and adds value. The Smarter Payments Experience spans the breadth of the conference program, providing attendees with a complete and unparalleled examination of smarter payment capabilities and solutions and how they benefit customers.

Topics include: smarter payment capabilities and platforms, including omnichannel, NFC payments, technical solutions, interoperability among platforms, APIs enabling payments, ISO 20022 use cases, artificial intelligence, machine learning

Sessions in this track include:

  • Boosting Financial Inclusion & Payee Choice Through Improved Corporate Treasury Payment Options
  • Embedded & Faster Payments are Shifting Your Client’s Outlook on Their Banking Relationship With You
  • Embedded Finance: Achieving Growth Through Innovative Solutions
  • Executive Series: The Multi-Rail Future of Bank Payments in the U.S.
  • Exploring Advancements from The Clearing House
  • Exploring the Potential of Push Payments
  • Federal Reserve Town Hall
  • Machines Learning from...The Machines: A Layered Machine Learning Fraud Strategy
  • Pay By Bank and the Rise of Account-to-Account Payments
  • Spotlight Session: AI is Coming for Your Payments: The Growing Impact of ChatGPT
  • Stop the "Scam-demic" from Hurting You and Your Customers
  • The Answer to Treasury Troubles: Integrated Receivables​
  • Unlocking Seamless Interbank Connectivity Through ISO Standards: Harmonizing FedNow, RTP, Fedwire and CHIPS
  • Whose (Payment) Line is it Anyway?

Kick-Start Sessions

Begin your attendee experience on day one with thought leadership sessions brought to you by organizations leading in the payments space.

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