Call for Presentations

2019 Call for Presentations



The Limited Call for Presentations for PAYMENTS 2019 is now open.

Submit your ideas for Briefs and Deep Dive Dialogues under session tracks

PAYMENTS is the premier payments industry’s annual conference that offers attendees an education program of  sessions that address challenges and opportunities, pushing the envelope on payments innovation and transformation impacting all stakeholders. In addition to being recognized for its superior educational content, PAYMENTS offers attendees opportunities to expand ideas for business solutions necessary for a competitive advantage. Through the conference experience, attendees also establish strategic partnerships to embrace change through collaboration. The deadline for submissions is March 1, 2019.

Submit Your Proposal


Why speak at PAYMENTS?

PAYMENTS draws leaders, decision makers and innovators from every area of the payments industry.

Consider an opportunity to share your perspectives, and contribute to the wealth of knowledge at PAYMENTS 2019. Join a premier cadre of session presenters, offering new ideas, technical knowledge, practical advice and solution overviews to other payments industry professionals. Suggested topics are only a sample and not an exhaustive list.


Short, fast-paced sessions designed to stimulate your thinking. These sessions feature compelling content examining critical topics in 25-minute blocks. 

Deep Dive Dialogues

Immerse yourself! Attendees engage with industry leaders and experience a visual journey of the topic at hand. Speakers engage with attendees during these in-depth discussions and learn from each other. These sessions will be 50 minutes long.


In addition to the standard 50 minute sessions PAYMENTS 2019 will feature two new learning formats: Briefs and Deep Dive Dialogues. Speakers will be made aware in their session acceptance email if their session has been accepted as either a brief or deep dive.


  • ACH
  • Compliance & Regulatory 
  • Corporate & End User Perspectives
  • Cybersecurity & Risk
  • Disruptive Ideas & Technologies
  • Faster Payments Experience
  • Smarter Payments Experience
  • Sunday Workshops

For information on the PAYMENTS 2019 Session Tracks please visit Each proposal must contain a track name, session title and session level.


NACHA will accept proposals for any track or subject, however the Conference Planning Committee has identified the topics below as highly-desired content: 

  • B2B by card or other rail in U.S. and Internationally
  • Big Data used in payments
  • Consumer Access Choices - How does the consumer decide which payment method to use? Is the act of making the payment rather than the payment method matter more?
  • Data Analytics used in payments
  • Fintech Compliance
  • Generational Payments - How are payments viewed by the next generations? Even those who choose not to be traditional FI customers?
  • Legal and Regulatory Outlook by Financial Institution Attorneys
  • Legal Outlook on APIs
  • Mobile Device - Digital First Strategy
  • Non-Profits using ACH for charitable donations
  • P2P use cases, success stories
  • Regulatory view of mobile/e-wallets and faster payments
  • Same Day Case Studies - Success Stories


Session proposals containing the following elements will be highly considered:

  • All speakers identified and confirmed prior to submission (i.e., proposal does not contain "speakers to be identified upon acceptance" or similar language)
  • 2 clearly defined learning objectives - what will attendees gain from your session?
  • Interactive elements (please specify which elements) - How will you incorporate your audience into your session?
  • Content that helps solve a problem and speakers who facilitate problem solving
  • New content exclusive to PAYMENTS 2019
  • Intermediate or advanced content
  • No more than 3 speakers, including moderator
  • Please limit the number of speakers per organization to 2 per session. Registration fees will be required to be paid by the organization for any additional speakers from the same organization.

NACHA reserves the right to grant or refuse, at its sole discretion, speaking opportunities to any applicant. To present at PAYMENTS 2019, presenters must comply with NACHA's Code of Conduct.


For questions regarding PAYMENTS 2019 Call for Presentations, please contact:

Stephanie Prebish, AAP, CTP
Senior Director, Payments Innovation Alliance, Education & Accreditation

Alyssa Romeo
Director, Education & Accreditation

Jennifer West, AAP
Director, Payments Innovation Alliance, Education & Accreditation