2025 Call for Presentations

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We are looking forward to your thought-leadership ideas for Smarter Faster Payments 2025, April 27-30, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Proposal submissions are due by Wednesday, August 7, 2024.

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Why Speak at Payments?

Smarter Faster Payments is the premier payments industry’s annual conference that offers attendees an education program of sessions that address challenges and opportunities, pushing the envelope on payments innovation and transformation impacting all stakeholders. In addition to being recognized for its superior educational content, Payments offers attendees opportunities to expand ideas for business solutions necessary for a competitive advantage. Through the conference experience, attendees also establish strategic partnerships to embrace change through collaboration. 

Which Conference is Right for Me?

Nacha is excited to announce that we will once again be offering a virtual version of our conference, Smarter Faster Payments Remote Connect. While it is Nacha’s preference that all presentation submissions remain open to be included in both Smarter Faster Payments in New Orleans and Smarter Faster Payments Remote Connect, we understand there are certain factors that may limit a speaker’s ability to speak in one capacity or another. Here are some things to consider when choosing your presentation format:

Smarter Faster Payments in New Orleans
  • April 27-30 at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center
  • Live sessions, with no recording
  • Airfare and hotel reservations needed
  • Presentations available to attendees via mobile app
Smarter Faster Payments Remote Connect
  • June 9-11, held virtually
  • Live sessions, recorded for later viewing
  • Inclusion on Nacha’s LMS, PaymentsIQ, for expanded reach post-conference
  • Access from your home or office
  • Presentations available to attendees via mobile app and virtual platform

We look forward to reviewing your proposal!

Tips and Best Practices

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Nacha will accept proposals for any track or subject.

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Track Name




The ACH Network continues to evolve to support innovation and emerging business models and opportunities. Uniquely ubiquitous, the ACH Network is instrumental to moving the payment space forward while balancing new ways of doing business with sound risk management and with a reach that delivers game-changing impact. These sessions focus on increasing awareness about the most critical ACH-related topics necessary to operate and compete today and tomorrow.

Topics include: ACH and ACH Rules topics, non risk-related Nacha initiatives - audit, Same Day

Compliance & Regulatory

Rules and regulations are the bedrock of financial services and payments, and provide the necessary surety for transactions. Although commonly viewed simply as an area of compliance, developments here also encompass innovation, transaction quality, opportunity and financial reward. Understanding the most crucial concepts and innovations here will lead to positive, competitive results.

Topics include: regulatory changes, legal-focused topics, legislative changes and emergency planning

Cybersecurity & Risk

As payment and operating systems evolve new threats and risks are introduced nearly as quickly. Staying a step ahead of those interlopers or fraudsters is key to mitigating loss to revenue, reputation and customer relationships. Sessions focus on emerging threats and ways to recognize risks in time to prevent loss as well as provide the necessary surety for transactions.

Topics include: general risk, third parties, fraud, push payment fraud, risk mitigation techniques, cross-channel risk

Disruptive Ideas & Technologies

New technologies, infrastructures, opportunities and threats, value chain democratization and the redefinition of the way parties interact and transact is portending a future quite different from today. There will be winners and losers. These sessions focus on the topics that threaten to disrupt the status quo, elicit controversy and provoke debate in the industry.

Topics include: artificial intelligence, blockchain, distributed ledgers, APIs, augmented reality, IoT, machine learning, voice response and robotics, and digital identity, APIs enabling data and information exchange, and ISO 20022 and other standards

Faster Payments Experience

With enhanced capabilities implemented to existing platforms and the introduction of new rails, faster payments is gaining adoption. Encompassing sessions and solutions that focus on same-day, immediate, and other faster payments initiatives, the Faster Payments Experience spans the breadth of the conference program, providing attendees with a complete and unparalleled examination of the rapidly emerging faster payments landscape.

Topics include: faster payments capabilities, fraud, enhancements, use cases and platforms

Payments in Practice

Sessions in this track go beyond the abstract while exploring proven results and solutions for payment participants. Use cases, success stories and proven results inspire the creation of ideas and offerings while exploring new ways to put payments in practice.

Topics include: case studies, use cases and lessons learned, and implementation of products, services and ideas, proven ideas and solutions

Practical Strategies

Sessions in this track focus on topics related to organizational goals, sound business practices, systems modernization, payments convergence and implementation planning for products, services and processes.

Topics include: research results and future approaches to evolving workplace and industry needs, and the impact of natural disasters on business continuity plans

Small to Large Business Perspectives

The ACH Network continues to evolve to support innovation and emerging technologies. At the end of the day, it's all about the customer. From small business to large corporates, payors and payees are why we are here. The sessions are for and by end-user clients - practitioners from corporate, business, state and local government, higher education, and charitable and religious organization - that originate and receive payments. Content focuses on their experiences and needs, and the solutions and business practices to help them succeed.

Topics include: A/R; A/P; remittances; business operations; consumer outreach; UX; directories, small to medium business solutions

Smarter Payments Experience

New smart technologies and tools are enabling financial institutions, fintechs and other providers to leverage rich information within and surrounding a payment throughout the end-to-end process. These capabilities instill greater intelligence that enhances decision-making and awareness, informs choices and actions, removes friction, strengthens security and confidence, and adds value. The Smarter Payments Experience spans the breadth of the conference program, providing attendees with a complete and unparalleled examination of smarter payment capabilities and solutions and how they benefit customers.

Topics include: smarter payment capabilities and platforms, including omnichannel, NFC payments, technical solutions, interoperability among platforms, APIs enabling payments, ISO 20022 use cases, artificial intelligence, machine learning


Proposals containing the elements below will be highly considered. In order to increase your chance of acceptance please ensure the proposal:

  • Contains the names, titles, companies and contact information for ALL speakers.
    • Search for co-presenters using the “add co-presenter feature” in the submission form. Please confirm the name and organization of a speaker prior to submission.
      • If a speaker does not show when searched on the submission form, check spelling and names (with and without shorthand names). For example, if you search Mike Smith and it does not show, try Michael Smith. Otherwise, use the add missing user feature to add a speaker contact information.
      • All submitted speakers will be contacted by Nacha before decisions are made to ensure each individual is aware their name has been submitted for consideration. If Nacha becomes aware a speaker was submitted without their knowledge we reserve the right to revoke any proposal from consideration or any subsequent session acceptance.
  • Includes content that helps solve a problem and speakers who facilitate problem solving.
  • Features new content or ideas exclusive to Payments 2025. Sessions that have been delivered or will be delivered at other industry conferences, including Payments Association conferences, or previous Payments conferences are prohibited.
  • Is intermediate or advanced content.
  • Contains no more than 3 speakers, including moderator.
  • Please limit the number of speakers per organization to ONE per session. Registration fees will be required to be paid by the organization for any additional speakers from the same organization. If submitting multiple speakers from the same organization, please indicate how their individual roles within the organization differ and how the differing roles and viewpoints will enhance the session.
  • NEW IN 2025: The number of complimentary speaker registrations will be capped at 7 per organization, regardless of the number of sessions on which an organization is presenting. Additional speakers will be required to pay a deeply discounted registration fee or will be encouraged to use sponsor or exhibitor comps. Nacha will work with each organization to coordinate this effort. 

Nacha reserves the right to grant or refuse, at its sole discretion, speaking opportunities to any applicant. To present at Payments 2025, presenters must comply with Nacha's Code of Conduct and the Payments 2025 Speaker Letter of Agreement.


Letter of Agreement

Any accepted speakers will be required to abide with the Nacha Code of Conduct and terms of the Speaker Letter of Agreement (LOA). Prior to speaking at Payments, each speaker must agree to the following terms (this list is only a sample of the conditions, it does not constitute the entire agreement):

  • Speakers will prepare presentation materials and present their session(s) at the scheduled time(s). Please refer to your session acceptance email and Nacha’s website at payments.nacha.org for a complete description of your session and the names of your co-presenters (if applicable).
  • The speaker will receive one (1) nontransferable, complimentary Payments 2025 conference registration that includes access to all sessions. If there are multiple speakers from the same company, complimentary registration will only be granted to ONE speaker.
  • Unless requested by Nacha, speakers must not be added to any session without prior approval. 
  • If a speaker is added after the 2025 refund date and that individual has already purchased a registration to Payments 2025, absolutely NO REFUNDS will be granted. The individual will only be allowed to substitute their registration to another individual. 
  • Unless otherwise approved, the maximum number of speakers from the same company on the same session must not exceed one individual. In the event two speakers are included on one session only one of those speakers will receive a complimentary registration. Regular registration rates will apply to the subsequent individual(s). 
  • NEW IN 2025: The number of complimentary speaker registrations will be capped at 7 per organization, regardless of the number of sessions on which an organization is presenting. Additional speakers will be required to pay a deeply discounted registration fee or will be encouraged to use sponsor or exhibitor comps. Nacha will work with each organization to coordinate this effort. 
  • Payments 2025 is an educational program. Any speaker whose session is rated by staff or participants as giving a “sales pitch” will not be invited to speak at future Nacha conferences. 
  • No hard copy session materials, promotional materials, or any other object can be distributed by speakers (or their company representative) during an education session. Unless allowed as a sponsor benefit speakers (or their company representative) will not be granted permission to scan attendee badges, distribute materials on session room chairs or tables, or be stationed outside the session room in an effort to distribute materials or collect information from attendees.
  • No videotaping is allowed in session rooms or in any education setting except by Nacha. Still photography is allowed only with the consent of the speaker(s) and if it does not interfere with the experience of the session attendees. With the exception of Nacha staff or vendors, photographers may only be stationed at the back of the room and are not allowed on or near the stage.



For questions regarding the Payments 2025 Call for Presentations, please contact education@nacha.org.