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Speaker Edits & LOAs Due
March 31, 2024
Presentations Due
May 24, 2024
Presentations Available to

May 28, 2024


Important Information

Virtual Presentation Information

Smarter Faster Payments Remote Connect 2024 will utilize a PowerPoint Template.

Nacha utilizes Whova and Zoom to deliver virtual conference content. Please arrive 15 minutes early to your scheduled session time to allow time to troubleshoot any potential AV issues. 

Preparation Checklist

  • Please test your camera, microphone, and screen-sharing etc. You can do it with your friends or colleagues.
  • Consider a dry run of your talk and time it. Speaking in front of a camera feels different from speaking in front of a live audience.
  • Instead of a mobile phone, we recommend you to start Zoom on your computer, which provides more stable network and better performance.
  • Make sure the main light source isn’t coming from behind you. If you are close to a window, try not to be in darkness.
  • If possible, close other applications on your computer.
  • If presenting from home, let other people in your home know about your presentation so that they won’t use too much bandwidth while you’re presenting.

Speaker and Moderator Guidelines

Contact Us

Ashley Mustico, AAP, APRP
Director, Education & Accreditation

Kayla Quinn
Assistant Director, Virtual Events Administration

Stephanie Prebish, AAP, CTP
Managing Director, Association Services

Suggested Twitter Posts or Taglines for Speakers

Please feel free to copy and paste any of the sample tweets below:

Excited to speak at #Payments2024! I’ll be among fellow payments professionals sharing industry insights and more. Join me:

I’ll be speaking at #Payments2024! Join me and other industry experts to discover innovative payments solutions, best practices and more:

I'm speaking at #Payments2024 with fellow payments and innovation experts. We’ll be sharing industry insights, best practices and more. Learn more about this conveneient, virtual conference:

Looking forward to presenting at @NachaOnline's #Payments2024! The conference will feature experts from across the industry who are ready to share their payments knowledge. Learn more about the conference:

I’m proud to share my industry insights as one of @NachaOnline's #Payments2024 speakers.