Victoria (Tori) Pettersen, AAP, APRP
Vice President, Electronic Payments Product Manager
United Bank


Tori has been in banking for thirteen years, with a certification as an AAP in 2015 and part of the inaugural class of APRP 2018. She has been the Electronic Payments Product Manager for United Bank since 2017. Though she began her career as many bankers do on the teller line, she found her passion in ACH and has spent the last decade learning and passing on that knowledge both within her bank and outside of it. Always willing to speak up, her voice is often heard from both within the audience of conferences both large and small, but also from up front, sharing her knowledge and experiences.

How is the nominee propelling the industry forward?

Recipient of The Clearing House Payments Authority Lakin-Hobday award for contributions and advocacy in the payments industry in 2018. Member of APRP exam board for 2019 exam period. Chair of The Clearing House Payments Authority business committee for 2021-2022.

Where do you see the nominee succeeding in the future?

With her passion for payments, Tori continues educating bank employees, customers, and other industry professionals about the newest electronic payments, instant payments, and risk. She is helping spearhead the launch, implementation, and policy oversight for instant payments.