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15 U40

Participate in our new Awards program honoring upcoming professionals in the payments industry.

Nacha’s "15 Under 40" program is a prestigious initiative that seeks to identify and celebrate outstanding individuals under the age of 40 who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and dedication to advancing the payments landscape. This unique program aims to support the next generation of thought-leaders and trailblazers who will shape the industry's future through their visionary ideas and transformative projects.

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About this Award Program

Prizes for Award Winners

Prize for the overall winner:

  • Recognition at the 2024 Wednesday Keynote Luncheon
  • Free registration to Smarter Faster Payments 2025
  • Invitation to Chairperson's Leadership Reception in 2025
  • Seat on the 15 Under 40 Committee in 2025
  • Custom email signature
  • A one-on-one mentorship call with Jane Larimer, President & CEO of Nacha
Prize for the 14 Finalists:
  • Recognition at the 2024 Wednesday Keynote Luncheon
  • Free registration to TPI Home School or ACH Legal & Compliance Summit in 2024
  • Custom email signature

Get Industry Exposure
The “15 Under 40” program opens doors to unparalleled industry exposure, offering participants opportunities to share their work and insights. This exposure not only showcases their expertise, but also enhances professional reputation and visibility within the payments community.

Foster Inspiration
By showcasing the exceptional achievements of young professionals, the award aims to inspire others in the industry and beyond. Their stories of success and perseverance serve as a source of motivation for aspiring professionals, driving them to aim higher and push the boundaries of what is possible in payments.

To be eligible for the "15 Under 40" program, nominees must be professionals working in the payments industry and under the age of 40 as of year-end 2024. They should have a proven track record of excellence, demonstrate innovative thinking and exhibit leadership potential within their respective roles. 

Nomination & Selection Process
To ensure the highest standards of excellence, the "15 Under 40" program adopts a rigorous nomination and selection process. Industry peers, employers, mentors, or self-nominations are welcome and invited to showcase the diverse talent within the payments space. A committee of industry experts will carefully evaluate each nomination based on criteria like professional achievements, leadership potential and the impact made within the industry. 

Nominations are now closed.

Selection of Overall Winner
The "15 Under 40" finalists will be featured in the Payments 2024 Mobile App, where conference attendees will vote for the inaugural overall winner! Voting opens on Monday, May 6, 2024. The overall winner will be announced during the Wednesday Keynote Luncheon on May 8, 2024.