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Why Credit Unions and Small Businesses Are a Natural Fit


Date 01:10 PM - 02:00 PM (0 hours 50 minutes)
Monday, June 10
Payments in Practice
Remote Connect

Small and medium businesses are the bedrock of communities, and credit unions have a long history of meeting the unique needs of the communities they serve. Traditionally, these businesses have been underserved by their financial institutions and forced to adopt either the retail banking or the commercial cash management digital banking solution—or both. Neither solution is a true fit for these organizations, leading owners to look outside their primary FI for the products and services they need to run and scale their businesses. Credit unions already have many members who own small businesses and would expand their relationship if their credit union provided the right solutions delivered in the right experiences. Join this session to see how your credit union can create deeper, stickier member relationships by serving the needs of small businesses. 


Tim Daley
Tim Daley
Principal Digital Strategist
Q2 Software, Inc.
Janine Reames
Janine Reames
Senior VP/Treasury Management Services
GreenState Credit Union