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Instant Payment Use Cases Driving Customer Adoption


Date 12:30 PM - 01:20 PM (0 hours 50 minutes)
Wednesday, June 12
Payments in Practice
Remote Connect

Now that we have a choice of payment rails for instant payments, we must focus on how customers will want to use those rails. Thankfully, many countries in the world have experience of the most popular use cases, and we can leverage that to drive our instant payments adoption forward. Come and hear which of the use cases being adopted in the U.S. have been successful elsewhere and why, and which ones we can expect to see demand for in future that we don’t yet have planned. Speakers in this session explain how they will be pushing those use cases to their end-user customers and their financial institution's own end-user customers to take advantage of the real-time revolution.


Sheila Noll
Sheila Noll
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Office
Toby Thomas
Toby Thomas
VP, Market Product Strategist
Corporate One Federal Credit Union