Rui Chaves
Senior Vice President, Commercial Product Management, Payments
M&T Bank

Rui's Speaking Sessions


Rui Chaves is a Senior Vice President responsible for Emerging Payables capabilities at the M&T Commercial Bank. He has over 15 years of diverse banking experience with stints in Personal Banking, Client Servicing, Bank Payment Operations and Commercial Treasury Product Management. In his time with People’s United and M&T Bank, he has been responsible for day-to-day operational functions for key and highly leveraged commercial products, including Automated Clearing House Origination and Receive services, Account Reconciliation, and Check Positive Pay. Rui transitioned to a front office product role in 2016 and has helped develop enhanced capabilities through vendor partnerships including emerging capabilities in Integrated Payables and Invoice to Pay Automation and instant payments. Rui is active both internally and externally in promoting capabilities for business clients to enjoy a fast, secure and efficient payment experience.

How is the nominee propelling the industry forward?

Rui helps advance the payments industry through his drive to move his institutions to adopt emerging capabilities that are often viewed as the domain of the larger FIs. He has done this through internal as well as external industry focus as well as fostering partnerships with Fintech providers and payment trade group and operators, including Nacha and The Clearing House.

  1. Nacha Payments Innovation Alliance. Lead role in PUB ($60B institution) joining/becoming a member of the Nacha Payments Innovation Alliance.
  2. FIS Payables Advisory Board. Advocated and obtained invitation for M&T bank to join the FIS Payables Advisory Board, joining the top institutions that partner with FIS and utilize various payment products, to drive and influence strategic goals and direction of the capabilities for all users.
  3. Smart Faster Payments 2024 proposal submission. Conference Planning Committee accepted session proposal "Payment Automation: The Future is Now!" for inclusion at Smarter Faster Payments 2024 in Miami. Partnering with Datos Insights, to conduct session.
  4. Developed and executed go-to-market strategy for the launch of two Payables Automation and one Invoice Automation solution, at two institutions ($60B and $200B) via Fintech partners. All with the intent to push the broader adoption, both at the institution and practitioner levels, of Payment and AP automation
  5. Emerging payment capability - Earned Wage Access. Key player in fostering the adoption of emerging capabilities such as Earned Wage Access within the institution and industry including The Clearing House RTP.
  6. Successful Onboarding of major Muni clients for payment capabilities. Assists many high-volume payment governmental clients in transition from paper to electronic (ACH, Virtual Card) modes through integrated payable services.

Where do you see the nominee succeeding in the future?

Rui will continue to advance in his career as well as in his ability to lead in the payments arena. I fully expect his involvement in industry related matters to grow as he continues to connect with like-minded colleagues who see that the needs of their respective firms are often transcended by a bigger picture. This year he submitted and will co-present at Smarter, Faster Payments with Datos offering ideas to attendees on how to leverage data to advance their own Payment Automation services. He is a perfect bridge from the check-based mind set of many corporate practitioners to newer, more efficient and secure electronic ways of delivering payments. In this regard, he has already help large check issuers move toward more secure ACH and V-Card based options.