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While we're putting the final touches on the Smarter Faster Payments education program, take a look at these featured sessions you can look forward to in Miami. The full education program will be available soon.

Accounting System Integration: Be the Hero of Efficiency for Your Commercial Customers

As businesses continually search for new ways to streamline and work smarter, a light is being shined on the Accounting Department, where keying and rekeying information between the accounting system and the digital banking platform is a case study in inefficiency. Add in capabilities such as instant payments and direct payables, and it’s no wonder that ERP integration is a hot topic—and being considered by many as a commercial banking must-have. Join this session to hear firsthand from a commercial customer about how ERP integration has dramatically increased their efficiency and the profound impact it’s had on their business.

Payments Transformed: How AI and ML are Optimizing Processes

The digitization of payments has been transforming the banking industry, leading to the development of an exciting array of game-changing products and services. In this session, industry experts and treasury professionals examine how the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning is on the cusp of "evolutionizing" payments and straight-through processing. Speakers closely examine the concept of payment optimization and the ability to leverage a "waterfall" to drive the seamless execution of payments. Our panelists explore how digital transformation is expected to manifest itself throughout the payment industry and how this will impact the future of payments.

Unleashing B2B Instant Payments Potential

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to reduce manual efforts required to process electronic payments. However, disparate accounting systems and inadequate data delivery solutions between businesses and financial institutions still hinder businesses from realizing the benefits of electronic payments. An exchange framework is an effective electronic delivery system for exchanging payment related information that can unleash the full benefits of instant B2B payments. Attend this session to learn how B2B payments can be unleashed through exchange framework capabilities.

Validating B2B Insights on Faster Payments

Until recently, there’s been a notable absence of sound primary research on the demand for faster payments among businesses. Various studies report on consumer interest and the potential for A2A payments to displace cards, but none look through the lens of business customers. To address this void, 400+ businesses were recently surveyed to collect insights on their use and interest in faster payments (Same Day ACH, RTP and FedNow), the share of payments they might migrate, and what they consider a fair price to pay for speed. The ground-breaking findings will be unveiled at Smarter Faster Payments. Be the first to hear the results and learn what banks can do to better address the latent demand for faster payments within their business customer base.

What Do SMBs Need from Financial Institutions?

Today’s small businesses have a plethora of options when it comes to meeting their banking needs. But when it comes down to it, many small business (SMB) owners say they’d prefer to get those services from someone they know and trust: their financial institution. So why would they go elsewhere? Because their FI doesn’t provide the digital tools and capabilities they need to thrive. Join us for an engaging and candid panel discussion where small business owners take center stage to share their firsthand experiences and articulate their most pressing needs and desires from their financial institutions. This interactive session is designed to foster open dialogue and valuable insights, providing financial institutions with an unparalleled opportunity to listen and learn from the challenges faced by small business owners.


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