Bridget Hall
Leader of Real-Time Payments, Americas
ACI Worldwide

Bridget's Speaking Sessions


Bridget Hall is the Leader of Real-Time Payments for the Americas at ACI Worldwide, responsible for delivering innovative solutions to execute ACI's Real-Time Payments strategy in the region. She has extensive experience in product management, commercial analysis, solution packaging, operations, and finance.

Bridget has spent her entire career in payments and finance. After working in a community bank before completing a triple major at the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO), Bridget advanced to work in the securities industry at financial advisory firms, brokers/dealers, and clearing firms as well as corporate disbursements providers focused on enabling digital payments. She has held a number of roles at ACI Worldwide across the company’s Finance and Product divisions, with steadily increasing responsibility and impact, culminating in her current role leading ACI’s Real-Time Payments strategy in the Americas.

In addition to her leadership at ACI Worldwide, Bridget serves on a number of advisory committees, sharing her substantial experience and expertise to help guide and shape critical discussions related to global business and finance, including:

  • UNO Supply Chain Management Advisory Board, College of Business Administration (2019-Present)
  • U.S. Faster Payments Council Board Advisory Group (2019-2020, 2023-Present)
  • U.S. Faster Payments Council Education & Awareness Work Group (2019-2020)
  • U.S. Faster Payments Council Cross Border Payments Work Group (2024-Present)
  • Sigma Kappa sorority: Considerable volunteer work, including director-level positions in the national organization, mentoring women in professional growth and career development (2005-Present)

How is the nominee propelling the industry forward?

Bridget has worked with industry veterans at ACI to learn and understand why payments have worked the way they do for the last 40 years, but has also been given the space and support to look at "what's next." Working in real-time payments in a country that's just scratching the surface of the next generation of payments is allowing her to influence the industry to think bigger about the future. She has participated in organizations and conferences to lay out a vision of what the future could be, bringing in her experiences globally, and through her day job has supported the execution of a better U.S. payments industry through defining roadmaps for enabling end-customers. Having worked in a variety of "money movement" roles, she's passionate about drawing connections and advocating that moving the payments industry forward can benefit numerous players within the money movement chain.

Where do you see the nominee succeeding in the future?

Make no mistake, Bridget has so much more to give over her career. She inspires others to think beyond the obvious, looking for propositions that benefit the end-to-end payment chain. I'm sure that one day, I will work for Bridget, and it will be a pleasure and be inspring to do so. She is a popular voice in the industry being asked to speak at events to help propel the industry forward. She could easily turn her hand to almost any area of payments, but being an evangelist for modernization comes so naturally to her, that we can all benefit from listening.