Adam Keck
Senior Vice President, Director of Managed Services Solutions
Fifth Third Bank


Adam Keck is Senior Vice President, Director of Managed Services Solutions at Fifth Third Bank in Cincinnati, Ohio. Adam began his Fifth Third career as a member of the Bank’s Leadership Program in the Consumer line of business. After a two-year rotation, his first role was Officer, Equity Sales Operations and Consumer Loan Specialist Team Manager. Adam managed two teams and focused on fulfilling equity loans. From that role, he transitioned to the Commercial Bank and Treasury Management division where he continues to serve the enterprise.

As Officer, Senior Payments Product Analyst he led three Treasury Management products. From this role, he was promoted to Assistant Vice President, Payments Product Manager. In this role he was responsible for Accounts Payable automation solution innovation that achieved 117% to goal in year one of launch and resulted in $1.4 million revenue run rate in the first six months. He was subsequently promoted to Vice President, Director of Payable Products and oversaw key initiatives to drive growth in one of the Bank’s most strategic product investments, AP Automation. His efforts resulted in 396% growth YOY in 2020. In January 2022, he moved to his current role.

Adam earned both his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Business Administration from Xavier University. His MBA studies included a focus on pricing strategy. After graduation, Adam gained early experience at the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and AGC Automotive Americas before beginning his career at Fifth Third.

Adam spends time coaching youth sports in his community including Baseball, Basketball, and Soccer. When coaching Adam focuses not only on helping children understand the foundation of the sport but also ensuring they are developing critical life skills such as teamwork, inclusion and integrity.

How is the nominee propelling the industry forward?

Under Adam’s leadership, Fifth Third’s Treasury Management Managed Services offerings do much more than move money. The Bank’s solutions help clients in many ways, including solving a breadth of back-office challenges. Adam introduced the “jobs to be done” strategic framework to better align product delivery with client objectives. These initiatives are accelerating the industry.

Fifth Third works with clients to mitigate the impact of the war on talent, improve supplier relations in today’s environment of constrained supply chains and remove friction within enterprise resource planning interoperability. According to Executive Vice President and Head of Treasury Management and Commercial Payments at Fifth Third Bank, Bridgit Chayt, Adam’s vision is propelling the business beyond mere money movement which is just part of the payment value stream. By focusing on the adjacencies, the Commercial Bank is leading with Treasury Management services and offerings.

Adam anticipates the needs of clients and innovates to meet their goals. When the COVID-19 pandemic required remote work, Adam and his team had automated solutions available and ready for businesses. As those same clients navigated post-pandemic realities - whether they returned to the office, implemented remote work or hybrid - Adam’s managed services team eliminated disruption in business processes.

Adam’s deep experience gives him insight to create individualized solutions for clients that enable scalable growth. His team understands the unique challenges Fifth Third’s commercial clients face. In 2023 alone, the team rolled out solutions targeted towards real estate, grocery and health care clients. These products and services help clients tackle manual processes, cash handling and regulatory complexities head on.

Another key example, in 2023, Fifth Third entered a definitive agreement and subsequently acquired Big Data Healthcare, a technology solutions provider for health care payments and remittance. As Adam built Fifth Third’s Healthcare payments strategy to differentiate the Bank and grow market share, he was critical in both identifying and leading the Big Data Healthcare acquisition. Fifth Third has a legacy of digital innovation and focus on the health care sector. The Commercial Bank’s vertically integrated health care team has expanded its presence and expertise to become one of the top health care banking platforms for middle-market, corporate and business banking clients.

Where do you see the nominee succeeding in the future?

Adam’s dedication to client satisfaction will continue to secure future mutual success for Fifth Third’s Treasury Management Services, its Managed Services offerings and his career path.

His strategic view for growth paired with a vision for opportunistic growth highlight Adam’s unique leadership abilities. As noted by Fifth Third Chairman, President and CEO Tim Spence in the Bank’s most recent earnings call, “in treasury management, our acquisitions of (Rize and) Big Data Healthcare (and the launch of Newline, our embedded payments business,) should continue to support peer-leading performance.“

According to Bridgit Chayt, Adam’s career will continue to accelerate because he builds differentiated go to market strategies that position products for broader distribution, awareness and value for clients. His innovation-focused, client-centric approach helps Fifth Third’s Commercial Bank meet the industry’s biggest challenges head on. Fifth Third is using a nontraditional business unit to acquire new quality relationships.

Today, more than 40% of all Fifth Third’s TM relationships are being led with payments. As Bridgit notes, the Bank does not have to lead with credit to move that business. More than 85% of Fifth Third’s Commercial clients have Treasury Management and in a regional bank, which is a rarity. Adam is driving this significant business growth and will continue to propel him into the future.