Writing a Payments Session Proposal

Implement these Best Practices

The Payments conference is an annual experience where new and seasoned professionals come to learn and engage in conversations about the latest trends in the industry, and shape the future of the industry. 

It’s time to submit your Payments speaking proposal! You know you have something to say. You know you have a story to tell. Here are some suggestions on how to submit a winning proposal.

Payments sessions are intended to be educational. Proposals that appear to be selling a product or service will not be accepted. Focus on how a product or service has helped your organization. If you are offering a service or product, bring a client so they can explain what they gained from it.

Here are 4 ways to craft a winning speaking proposal:

  1. Tell a Story—relevant, actionable. Ask yourself… “What can a financial institution or payments executive do when they get back to their office to make their life easier?” Let us know specifically what an audience member is going to learn by attending this session. 
  2. Find a Friend—from another institution. It's helpful to find a client, a practitioner, a partner, or someone you met at last year’s Payments Conference. Proposals that include all speakers—and not TBD speakers—are key.
  3. Be Creative and Unique. Submit proposals that have not been (or will not be) presented at other industry events. If you have an idea for an interesting format, tell us! Give a unique perspective—better yet—give multiple, even conflicting, perspectives. 
  4. Leave Your Name Out of It. Avoid using speaker or company names in your proposal. Even if they are accepted that information will be edited out. We know the company and speaker from the submission.
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