Sessions by Track

Take a sneak peek at these sessions already lined up for Smarter Faster Payments.
More sessions and a detailed agenda coming soon.


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  • ACH & Crypto: A Match Made in Heaven?
  • High-Risk Originator Management in the Cannabis Banking Ecosystem
  • Letter from Abroad: Lessons from Real-time Payment Adoption around the World
  • Leveraging Identity & Bank-Linked Data to Improve Customer Onboarding to the ACH Network
  • Spotlight Session: Successfully Developing an ACH Operations Governance Model
  • Spotlight Session: ACH State of the Union
  • The ACH Revolution: Becoming the de Facto Open Banking Payments Rail
  • The Evolution of Client Authorizations

Compliance & Regulatory

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  • A Conversation with the CFPB
  • Action Steps for Managing & Responding to Unauthorized Electronic Funds Transfers
  • Banking the Cannabis Industry
  • CFPB Programs and Resources for Stakeholders, Older Consumers and Financial Caregivers
  • Eliminating Credential Sharing in an Open Banking Market
  • Examining the CFPBs Regulatory Priorities in the Biden Administration Era
  • Funds Transfer Security Procedures – An Update on What Commercially Reasonable Means
  • Nacha's Vision for the Future of Risk Management
  • Navigating the Risk and Reward of Regulated Online Gambling
  • Recent Developments in Electronic Payments Law
  • So, You Want to Launder Money?
  • Thinking Like a Cop to Prevent Cryptocrime

Cybersecurity & Risk

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  • A Legal Perspective on Indemnity Agreements: How, When and Why
  • Benchmarking Payments Fraud Trends in the U.S. 
  • Cyber Insurance Considerations in an Evolving Threat Landscape
  • Detect, Deter and Prevent Authorized Fraud Scams 
  • Executive Session: Fighting Back Against Payment Fraud: Industry Best Practices  
  • Fighting Unemployment Fraud in the Post-Pandemic World
  • How to Be a Financial Crime Fighting Super Hero
  • Killing the Fraud Monster: Understanding the Latest Weapons to Protect Your Payments 
  • Overcoming the Stigma: Third-Party Risks & How to Effectively Mitigate Them
  • Payments Fraud in a Digital World: A Growing Risk
  • Practical Tactics for Fighting Cybercrime Financial Fraud
  • Secure or Fail: The Motivation Behind Cyber Attacks and How to Keep FinTech Bulletproof
  • Spotlight Session: Leveraging AI and Machine Learning to
  • Combat Account Takeover & Impersonation
  • The Evolution of Synthetic Identities & Fraud
  • The Future Trajectory of Remote Authentication Fraud
  • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Successfully Deploying Risk Mitigation Tools in the Payments Landscape

Disruptive Ideas & Technologies

  • Autonomous Finance: The Future of Banking
  • Building Modern Payment Systems for the Gaming Industry
  • Community Bank & Credit Union Crypto Perspectives
  • Digital Transformation of the Buyer/Supplier Experience
  • Finally Frictionless, Instant Cross Border Payments?
  • Globalize Me: Latest Trends and Success Stories in Global Payment Integration
  • Locked in to Open Banking
  • Machine Learning and Ethics: The Future of Fighting Model Bias and Payments Fraud
  • Metaverse 101
  • Overcoming Challenges in International Account Validation
  • Pay By Bank: Unbundling the Payments Value Chain
  • Spotlight Session: Payment Transformation & Migration to Real-Time Payments
  • The Future of Payments in the Metaverse
  • The Future of Point of Sale Lending
  • The Global State of Central Bank Digital Currencies
  • The Modern Bank: Powered by a 3rd Generation Core Platform
  • The Open Banking Paradigm: Decisioning in the Digital Marketplace
  • Unlocking the Power of Consumer Bank Data for Financial Institutions
  • Voice Payments, the New Frontier!
  • Your Wallet on Wheels: Connected Cars and the New Era in Payments

Faster Payments Experience

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  • Beyond BNPL: A Look at the Future of "Care Now, Pay Later"
  • Healthcare Canadian Faster Payments: Lessons Learned From the Real-Time Rail
  • Constructing a Faster Payments Strategy
  • Don't Gamble on Experience: Rethink Everything You “Know” About Casino Payments
  • Enabling Success in Consumer Bill Pay
  • Feed the Need For Speed! Why FIs Should Unite to Connect Global Faster Payments
  • International Remittances: A Money Movement Lifeline Ripe for Digitization
  • Maximizing Embedded Payment Experiences Through Integrated Partnerships
  • Spotlight Session: Payment Palooza...Where Should You Place Your Bets?
  • Subscriptions & Payments: A Perfect Pairing for Businesses and Consumers
  • The Death of Customer Service
  • Unlocking the Power of Embedded Payments
  • Using Biller Directors to Facilitate Faster Payments

Payments in Practice

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  • Authorized Push Payment Fraud: Trends, Threats and Solutions
  • Grab Your Tokens, It's Time to Build Payments In the Metaverse
  • How Real-Time Payments & Earned Wage Access Will Help Employers Through the Big Quit 
  • Maximizing Banking Value Through Your Clients’ Existing ERP System
  • Online Gaming & Sports Betting and the Payments Innovation Frontier
  • Passing the Torch to "Next Generation" Payments Professionals 
  • Preparing for the QR Code Payment Explosion
  • Riding the ISO 20022 Wave from Cross Border to Faster and Instant Payments (Without Wiping Out) 
  • The Digital Payments Bullseye: Easy Options for Sending Fast, Secure Payments to Everyone 
  • The Evolution of Real-Time Payments is Here: Accelerating Domestic Adoption While Expanding International Reach

Practical Strategies

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  • AI's Future Impact on Treasury Functions
  • An Unbeatable Pair: FIs and Fintechs Play a Winning Hand with Consumers
  • Big Opportunities in Micro and Small Business Banking
  • Building a Stronger U.S. Financial Market Through Inclusion 
  • Could Central Bank Digital Currency Increase Financial Inclusion in the United States?
  • Federal Reserve Town Hall
  • Future is in the Cards: The Growing Trend Toward Virtual Cards
  • Future State 2030: How Will Treasury and Payments Evolve?
  • How to Avoid Common Pitfalls When Moving Payments to the Cloud
  • Liquidity Planning for Real-time Payments
  • On Track, On Time, and Onboard: Improve Your Business Onboarding with Digital
  • Quantum Computing and Security: Why Does it Matter in Payments?
  • TradFi and DeFi: Delivering New Customer Value

Small to Large Business Perspectives

  • Creating a Digital Highway: The Road to Transforming B2B Payments
  • DE&I Banking with Minority Depository Institutions 
  • Is Your Treasury Function Safe in Today’s Hybrid Work Environment?
  • Seamless B2B Payments: When Transformational Technologies Meet Traditional Processes
  • Using Automated Reconciliation of Payments to Mitigate Risk
  • You Should @ Them: Navigating Customer Service in the Current Social Media and Generational Climate 

Smarter Payments Experience

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JP Morgan

  • Accelerating the Shift to Digital Payments
  • Cards in an Instant Payments World
  • Driving Adoption of Real-Time Payments 
  • Exploring Advancements from The Clearing House
  • Exploring the Potential of Programmable Payments
  • How Millennials and Gen Z are Driving Interest in Embedded Finance
  • It’s Time to Ante Up: How to go “All-In” on ISO 20022