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Using Payee Intelligence to Future Proof and Simplify Your Accounts Payable Operation


Date 04:05 PM - 04:55 PM (0 hours 50 minutes)
Wednesday, May 08
Payments in Practice

This session provides a look at a day in the life of your Accounts Payable team. Leadership is looking to add payment options to meet the needs of your payees but there is no technology budget to make this happen, no additional AP staff planned, and the next big instant payment option is just around the corner. Based on cost, risk, and effort, speakers examine the best payment options for you as payer and how these options align with the best payment options for your payees, partners, and stakeholders. Speakers also discuss future options of embedded and instant payments. Panelists will share industry research and practical experiences while considering “fintech-like” solutions which seemingly solve these challenges.