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Thinking Like a Cop to Prevent Cryptocrime


Date 11:20 AM - 12:10 PM (0 hours 50 minutes)
Tuesday, April 18
Cybersecurity & Risk

Law enforcement knows that working a cold case is a losing game. Watch any true crime documentary or drama on Netflix and you'll notice one thing in common: the criminals got away with it for so long because law enforcement was fragmented and analog, hampering the sharing of real-time intelligence that can spot crime before it happens. Fast-forward to today, and many fraud and financial crime teams are facing the same challenge: criminals who change their modus operandi faster than they can keep track, and who are sharing their tips and tricks on how best to scam, cheat, steal and launder without getting caught. The dark net has forums full of criminals boasting of their exploits. It's clear that the lack of real-time collaboration between fraud and AML  teams internally; between banks and PSPs in the market; and between regulators, law enforcement and financial services organizations, is hampering efforts to outsmart the criminals. This session exposes the right side of the fight and how organizations can recognize and deflect threats.