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Payments Transformed: How AI and ML Are Optimizing Processes


Date 02:00 PM - 02:50 PM (0 hours 50 minutes)
Wednesday, May 08
Small to Large Business Perspectives

The digitization of payments has been transforming the banking industry, leading to the development of an exciting array of game-changing products and services. In this session, industry experts and treasury professionals examine how the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning is on the cusp of "evolutionizing" payments and straight-through processing. Speakers closely examine the concept of payment optimization and the ability to leverage a "waterfall" to drive the seamless execution of payments. Our panelists explore how digital transformation is expected to manifest itself throughout the payment industry and how this will impact the future of payments.


James Touhey
James Touhey
Product Lead – Money Transfers, Embedded FinTech Platform
Intuit, Inc.
Alan Koenigsberg
Alan Koenigsberg
SVP and Global Head of Visa Business Solutions Treasury and Working Capital
Visa Inc.