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Get Backable – Why Some Ideas Move Ahead While Others Get Ignored


Date 08:00 AM - 09:10 AM (1 hour 10 minutes)
Tuesday, May 07

The future belongs to organizations that fully engage their people in the effort to adapt swiftly to relentless change. But in the changing world of work, building community, collaboration, and connection has become harder than before. Creating a culture that spawns fresh ideas is only half the battle—showing people how to move their ideas forward is the other half that most leaders and organizations miss. When people understand how to get a new idea “backed” by colleagues, customers, and communities…big things happen. Breakthrough ideas rise to the surface, projects proceed faster and smarter, and organizations become magnets for top talent.


Suneel Gupta Keynote
Suneel Gupta
Expert, Connecting Well-Being and Performance; Bestselling Author; Visiting Scholar, Harvard Medical School