Myth or Legend?

Stump the experts!

Myth – ACH payments take 3-5 days to post; Legend – the ACH Network processed nearly $73T in 2021.

The Payments 2023 Tuesday morning keynote session, sponsored by Fiserv, will feature the debut of a fun, fast paced game of “Payments: Myth or Legend?” We’ll put Nacha’s President and CEO, Jane Larimer; and the Chairperson of Nacha’s Board of Directors, Joe Hussey, to the test by giving them the opportunity to confirm legends and debunk myths that may exist in the payments ecosphere. Join in the fun by sharing your knowledge of the industry or pose a question you may have always wanted answered and come see if your submission can stump the experts! You can submit as many myths or legends as you want by refreshing your screen and resubmitting the form..