Speaker Letter of Agreement Form

The following is a letter of agreement between the speaker listed below (hereafter referred to as speaker) and Nacha for an instructional presentation. This letter of agreement also incorporates Nacha’s Code of Conduct and the Anti-harassment Policy & Conference Rules that the speaker must abide by and agree to before speaking at Payments Remote Connect 2024. The Code of Conduct identifies the standards of behavior expected of members of Nacha and its various programs, and nonmember organizations engaged in Nacha’s activities and/or providing services to Nacha.

The terms of this Letter of Agreement apply to ALL speakers and their representative companies, including for sessions allowed in conjunction with sponsorship benefits. No exceptions to these policies will be allowed without advanced, written consent.  

Speakers will prepare presentation materials and present their session(s) at the scheduled time(s). Please refer to your session acceptance email and Nacha’s website at payments.nacha.org for a complete description of your session and the names of your co-presenters (if applicable). 

  • Conference Registration: The speaker will receive one (1) nontransferable, complimentary Payments Remote Connect 2024 conference registration that includes access to all sessions. Nacha will process your registration, please do not register for the conference. 


  • Presentation Materials: are due May 24, 2024 and must be submitted electronically to presentations@nacha.org. Speakers are encouraged to include interactive elements in your presentation. This includes but is not limited to polling, case studies, open dialogue, etc. If a PowerPoint or other presentation will not be used, you must make us aware of the absence of supporting materials by the due date. Access to presentations will be made available to attendees on May 28, 2024. Please note, if no presentation materials are received by this date a note will be added to conference website that we have not received presentation materials from the speaker. The absence of a visual aid will likely affect session attendance or could result in lower session ratings. There must be some type of visual aid or element projected during your session. 


  • New Content: Speaker agrees the content of sessions is new and exclusive to Payments Remote Connect 2024. Presentations should not be used at any other industry conference held prior to Payments Remote Connect 2024. Nacha reserves the right to rescind the speaker acceptance if it learns the exact session title and description and presentation materials have been used elsewhere. To the extent Speaker utilizes any artificial intelligence technologies (“AI”) in connection with the Submitted Materials, Speaker represents and warrants to that any AI-generated information has been reviewed and reasonably substantiated as accurate. 


  • Speaker Additions & Substitutions: Unless requested by Nacha, speakers must not be added to any session without prior approval. Speaker substitutions will be allowed until March 31, 2024. No changes can be made after that date except the removal of speakers. Speakers will not be added onsite. All changes should be sent to speakerinfo@Nacha.org


  • Requests for Registration Refunds: If a speaker is added after March 31, 2024 and that individual has already purchased a registration to Payments Remote Connect 2024 absolutely NO REFUNDS will be granted. The individual will only be allowed to substitute their registration to another individual.  


  • Multiple Speakers from the Same Organization: Unless otherwise approved, the maximum number of speakers from the same company on the same session must not exceed ONE individual. In the event more than one speaker is included on one session only one of those speakers will receive a complimentary registration. Regular registration rates will apply to the subsequent individual(s).  


  • Press Attendance: News media may be present during sessions so speakers should be aware any remarks during a presentation are considered on-the-record. Speakers can request the session room be closed to media, but that request MUST be made at least 30 days in advance of the conference. Requests can be sent to speakerinfo@nacha.org. 


  • Sales Pitches: Payments Remote Connect 2024 is an educational program. Any speaker whose session is rated by staff or participants as giving a “sales pitch” will not be invited to speak at future Nacha conferences.  


  • Session Room Guests/Company Representatives: Unless permission is otherwise granted, no guests or company representatives will be allowed access to the virtual conference rooms without a paid registration. 


Both parties agree that the compilation of all material created for the program is the exclusive right of Nacha. With respect to Speaker’s presentation, Speaker agrees to grant Nacha a non-exclusive, royalty- free, perpetual license to use, reproduce and distribute Speaker’s presentation in any format on Nacha’s mobile app, PaymentsIQ by NachaTM and in a post-Payments 2024 webinar, as described below. Nacha’s use of the presentation and the perpetual license given to Nacha is in exchange for Speaker’s (nontransferable) free registration to the event. Speaker is solely responsible for any materials it contributes and warrants that the work does not or will not infringe upon any third party’s intellectual property rights or interest. 

Nacha reserves the right to select sessions to be presented as a webinar following Payments 2024. If your session is selected for webinar recording, the Speaker agrees to participate for no additional fees and make presentations available to all audiences. 

Please note that you must agree to abide by Nacha’s Code of Conduct before speaking at Payments Remote Connect 2024.