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Welcome to the mobile app 'how to' page! Below you will find answers to the most common mobile app questions and brief tutorial videos on how to utilize the app to its full potential. 

All registered attendees have received an email inviting them to join the NEW Nacha Events App. Click the link in the email to download or visit your mobile app store to download by searching Nacha Events. Please note that the previous Nacha Events app is no longer being updated and should be deleted from your mobile device.

If you are having difficulties receiving emails from or - please check your spam folder. If you are still having difficulties receiving emails, please check with the IT department at your company to see if there is a blocker on their end that they can allow guidebook emails through.

Nacha events

The Payments 2023 in-person event is now available (login required) in the Nacha Events app and on the web.


If you need to reset your password:

You should have received an email from that will invite you to download the app. The conference mobile app is available on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), Android devices and as a website.

This video provides detailed instructions on how to download and create your profile. 

Yes, you will need to follow the instructions in the invitation email to create your account with the email address you provided to Nacha during registration. You can watch this video if you are having difficulties downloading or accessing the app.

Allow the app to send you notifications and automatically update so that you will receive the most up-to-date information while attending the conference.

Please Note: Attendees will be uploaded closer to the conference. If you have recently registered for the conference, it may take a day or two to get you access.

From your profile page you can edit your information, add sessions to My Schedule, and use the chat feature, which will allow you to in-app instant message other attendees. 

The app contains the full conference schedule, session presentations, a comprehensive list of attendees, sponsors and exhibitors, and is where important push notifications are sent. You are not required to download the app, however, it’s highly recommended. To learn more about what the app can offer you, please watch this tutorial. 

In the schedule section you will find all events and sessions at Payments. Scroll down through each day to see what's happening at the conference. Select a session to view more information about it, including the session description, time, location and speakers. To learn more about the speakers, select their names.

You can filter the sessions by track by selecting the Tracks icon on the home screen and selecting the desired track from the list.

To learn more about the schedule feature of the app, please watch this video.
My Schedule is your personalized conference schedule. To add sessions and events, tap the star icon within each session description. A box will appear stating, "Adding this to your calendar, would you like a reminder?"  To access your agenda, select My Schedule from the main menu.

To learn more about the schedule feature of the app, please watch this video.
Presentations that have been approved for distribution by the speakers will become available in April and are accessible and printable from within the session profiles.
You can find a speaker, exhibitor or sponsor by selecting either the Speakers, Exhibit Hall or Sponsors icons on the main menu. The lists appear in alphabetical order. Once you select a sponsor, you can view their website or connect with them if they are located in the exhibit hall via their booth number in their sponsor profile. For exhibitor contact please use the links provided in the exhibit hall section.
In the sponsor profile, select create note to add any details you would like to follow up on later about that sponsor or speaker. You can easily go back to your notes using the My Notes menu item. To connect with speakers via messenger, please find the speaker in the attendee networking section of the main menu.
You can check in at their booth, map their location in the Exhibit Hall, favorite them and use the booth number to find exactly where inside of the Exhibit Hall their booth is located.
Find more information about this app or additional questions, please visit the FAQ tab in the mobile app. 

If you are experiencing issues with app content and functionality prior to the conference, please email Once on site, visit the Registration Desk for further assistance. If you are having difficulties with password resetting, please email