Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The following sessions take place on May 2

Sessions from 8:00 AM-8:50 AM

B2B Payments in the Long Tail

Corporate & End User Perspectives | Intermediate
8:00 AM-8:50AM | Room 1A

The Business Payments Coalition Vendor Forum discusses initiatives advocated by vendors that chip away at the barriers businesses face enabling straight-through processing. Learn about interoperability frameworks and the role standards play in this process.

Guy Berg
VP, Payments, Standards and Outreach Group, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Christopher Clausen
Director, North American Payments & Transactional Solutions, Deluxe Corporation

Michael Jasper
Director, Network & Financing Services, Americas & APAC, Basware, Inc.

Building your Financial Institution's Payment Strategy

Payments Evolution | Intermediate
8:00AM-8:50AM | Room 1B

This session provides a comprehensive view of the payments landscape, including developing technologies. Learn how to develop an actionable plan that leads to an effective payments strategy in an ever-changing industry.

Julie Hanson
Senior Vice President, Card & Payment Products, ICBA Bancard, Inc. & TCM Bank, N.A.

The Evolution of Open Standards for Payments Security

Payments Evolution | Intermediate
8:00AM-8:50AM | Room 2

PCI, EMV, tokenization and other techniques are patchwork improvements to payments security. This session discusses how an open industry standard for payments security may be the solution to foster innovation, encourage competition, and promote commodization.

Roger Applewhite
Senior Vice President, MagTek; Chief Operating Officer, Magensa LLC, MagTek, Inc.

Maria T. Arminio
President & CEO, Avenue B Consulting, Inc.

What a Great Time to Be A Mid-sized FI

Trending Now | Intermediate
8:00 AM-8:50 AM | Room 3
Customer expectations for digital services are rising and financial institutions are investing billions into the never-ending digital transformation. On the surface, these growing technology requirements would burden the small and medium financial institutions and impair their ability to compete with larger ones. However, the emergence of fintech APIs allows midmarket financial institutions to craft a broader and more modern service portfolio. Speakers discuss how APIs are creating a golden age for regional banking, focusing on how your institution can become a trusted custodian of your customer’s data and information, using it to safely and seamlessly access new services.
Matthew C. Miller
Co-Head of Product & Innovation, KeyBank
Bob Peters
Executive Vice President & Commercial Banking Group Manager, Washington Federal
Lisa Shields
Chief Executive Officer, FI.Span

Peaks & Potholes with ACH Exposure Limit Implementation

ACH | Intermediate
8:00 AM-8:50 AM | Room 4

If you are using file limit monitoring in your ACH processing, chances are your auditors have let you know this is not sufficient to control and report risk associated with ACH origination for your financial institution. In many cases, back-office systems are inadequate for measuring and reporting the sum of all outstanding files for your ACH originators.  Converting to a system capable of monitoring ACH exposure, taking file settlement timing into consideration, is not without challenges. While your vendor can carry you through the day-to-day aspects of the process, many other considerations present themselves, including education for personnel and clients, documentation of the new process, and potential changes to your financial institution's ACH operations and credit policies. Learn how to implement smartly with a checklist for implementation.

Mariah Nowlin Chapman
Treasury Management Product Development, iBERIABANK

Kevin Northcutt
TM Operations Manager, iBERIABANK

Dominic A. Plumeri, AAP
Director, Risk & Compliance, PaymentsFirst, Inc.

Beneficial Ownership Rule: Are You Ready?

Risk & Compliance | Intermediate
8:00 AM-8:50 AM | Room 5A

Nearly two years ago, the U.S. Treasury Department issued final rules under the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) to clarify and strengthen customer due diligence requirements. May 11, 2018 marks the deadline to achieve compliance with the rule as it relates to your institution’s policies, procedures and processes, and there is little doubt that your examiners are anxious to assess your compliance. Whether you have questions about the rule or you just want to reassure yourself that your institution has met all of the expectations and requirements, don’t miss this informative and timely session.

Dr. Elaine Phifer, CAMS
Assistant Vice President & Compliance Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Amy Sawicki, CAMS
VP & BSA/AML Officer, Level One Bank

Tim Thorson, AAP, CTP
SVP, ACH Operations, Regions Bank


Faster Payments Experience | Intermediate
8:00AM-8:50AM | Room 5B

This session delves into market size, use cases, as well as what is driving change in this critical business function, including a review of merchant and consumer preferences and expectations for receiving disbursements. Attendees learn from market-leading research conducted with consumers, merchants and payments leaders across industries, leaving the session with a clear understanding of the importance of real-time funds disbursement, as well as ideas to drive payments innovation within their business.

Talie Baker
Senior Analyst Retail Banking & Payments Practice, Aite Group

Mike West
Head of Business & Government Disbursements, Visa Inc.

Sessions from 9:05 AM-9:55 AM


FIs & Philanthropy: Engaging Millennials/Gen Z & Nonprofits

Trending Now | Fundamental
9:05 AM-9:55 AM | Room 1B

For the first time, the majority of American consumers across all generations are willing to pay more to align their spending with their values. Millennials are driving the trend toward mission-led brands and socially responsible investing. Yet, four out of their 10 least loved brands are financial institutions. Gen Z, meanwhile, are also heavily focused on giving, although their philanthropic inclinations differ from millennials. This interactive session explores the growing interest and activities in philanthropy among millennials and Gen Z as panelists discuss their unique giving profiles, and ways in which financial institutions can better engage these younger customers by appealing to their values-based consumer behavior.

Diane Boyd
CEO & Co-Founder, Change the World Fund

Paul Lamb
Chief Partnership Officer & Co-Founder, Change the World Fund

Alyssa Romeo
Director, Education & Accreditation, NACHA - The Electronic Payments Association

Moderated by: Rick Fiorito
Chief Revenue Officer, Transactis, Inc.

Making the Leap: Developing and Implementing your Faster Payments Strategy

Faster Payments Experience | Intermediate
9:05AM-9:55AM | Room 2

Implementing a faster payments strategy is not an all-or-nothing proposition. Attendees walk away with a framework for building and rolling out a custom payables strategy at a pace that is appropriate for your organization.

Yinka Adeyemi, CPA, CGMA
Director of Finance, Musco Family Olive Co.

Thara Trivedi
Head of Commercial Banking Payables, Bank of the West

An ODFI’s Guide to ACH Origination Agreements

ACH | Intermediate
9:05 AM-9:55 AM | Room 3

ACH origination services require an understanding of risk. As faster payments continue to progress and mobile payment applications gain ground, more community banks and credit unions are becoming ODFIs and they need to be prepared to accept the risks associated with it. Risk should be addressed beginning with the ACH Origination Agreement, as it is also a vital component in laying down the law for both sides. Originators need to know their obligations to ODFIs, as well as their responsibilities and service parameters. In this session attendees “take a walk” through the ACH Origination Agreement as each section of a typical agreement is reviewed and various areas of risk and proper risk mitigation techniques are discussed.

Julie Bobb
Vice President & Senior Product Manager, Bank of the West

Paul A. Carrubba
Partner, Adams & Reese, LLP

John M. Curtis, AAP, NCP
SVP, Education & Training, WesPay

Financial Services & Social Media DO Mix!

Professional Development Series | Fundamental
9:05 AM-9:55 AM | Room 4

Many companies have taken to seriously limiting or forbidding social media usage among their employees. While there is an associated risk inherent in the use of social media, even the SEC, FDIC and other regulating bodies say it is OK to use social media for the right reasons.  And proponents say that the reward of using social media - marketing, customer service and engagement - outweighs the risk if proper precautions are employed. Employee training, vigilance and risk programs can help protect against inherent threats posed by cyberattacks related to social media. Presenters share regulators' suggestions regarding social media, as well as relay the best uses for social media and ways to guard against misuse and threats.

Laurel Egan Kenny
President, Turningpoint Communications

Andrew Ostashen
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Vulsec

Raymond C. Vines, CTP
Treasury Director, Dean Foods Company

Will Real-Time Payments Displace Bulk?

Payments Evolution | Advanced
9:05AM-9:55AM | Room 5A

Gain a deeper understanding of how real-time payments and other non-cash payment methods will change payment flows in major markets, such as SEPA and the U.S. Attend this session to consider recommendations on how major stakeholder groups should prepare for the launch of real time.

R. Andrew Gomez
Research Manager, Lipis Advisors

Using the Past to Manage Payment Fraud Risk

Risk & Compliance | Intermediate
9:05 AM-9:55 AM | Room 5B

There now exists more than a decade of experience implementing various faster payments infrastructures around the world. And there are lessons from these experiences that can help financial institutions successfully manage payment fraud risk given the increasing speed of settlement, more cyberattacks than ever, and internal weaknesses being targeted by criminals. This session examines the Faster Payments initiative in the UK, and how to apply these lessons to the U.S. market to support payment security, limit customer friction, and enable security to be a differentiator for financial institutions in a market that is increasingly competitive and experiencing unprecedented change.

Andrew Davies
VP Global Market Strategies, Financial Crime Risk Management, Fiserv

David E. Richardson
Senior Manager Fraud and ATM Operations, First National Bank Omaha


Sessions from 10:10 AM-11:00 AM

Payments: It’s All About the Data

Corporate & End User Perspectives | Intermediate
10:10 AM-11:00AM | Room 1A

This session focuses on how financial institutions and their clients can leverage payments information and advanced technologies to transform business as usual.

Ed Barrie
Director, Treasury, Tableau Software

Colin Kerr, CTP
Director, Data Management and Analytics, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

B2B Directory: An Electronic Payment Enabler

Payments Evolution | Intermediate
10:10AM-11:00AM | Room 1B

The Business Payments Directory Association provides an update on the progress toward launching a B2B payments directory. Session participants receive an overview of the directory approach, outline of the features in the new directory service, and next steps toward development and launch of the directory service.

Lawrence F. Buettner
Senior Vice President, Innovation, WAUSAU Financial Systems - a Deluxe Company

AJ Nathan
Discover Financial Services, Inc.

George Throckmorton
Managing Director, Strategic Initiatives and Network Development, NACHA - The Electronic Payments Association

Customer Experience is Now Table Stakes for B2B Digital Payment Adoption

Trending Now | Advanced

10:10 AM-11:00 AM | Room 3

Driven by the slick and effortless experiences available to consumers beyond the banking world, business customer expectations for payments products have transformed. This panel – representing contrasting points-of-view from fintech, banking and user experience (UX) design – explores the opportunities, drivers and methods associated with injecting human-centered design into the development of digital solutions for B2B use. Voice-of-the-customer perspectives add to the exploration of compelling, real-life how-tos for financial institutions and their technology partners seeking to effectively bring UX to the forefront. Learn how to incorporate customer co-design and collaboration throughout the stages of product life cycle, including iterative improvement of mature solutions.

Corey Bernardo
Chief Design Officer, NEORIS

Sanjeev Kriplani
SVP, Marketing & Product Management,

Stephen Markwell
Managing Director & Product Executive, Commercial Bank, J.P. Morgan

Can We Pay You Now? Verizon's ACH Journey

ACH | Intermediate

10:10 AM-11:00 AM | Room 4

Verizon set out to optimize its use of electronic payments, opening doors to evaluating the efficacy of its business, providers and future strategic initiatives. Join speakers for an informative case study where they explore the practice of evaluating and implementing a new ACH provider. Attendees learn best practices and pitfalls encountered during the process, as well as gain practical implementation tips, such as getting your IT and operations staff on board, and how to leverage these tips today. . In addition, representatives from Verizon share their outlook on payments in the consumer space, including the impact of Same Day ACH and other faster payments capabilities.

Charles Ellert
Head of Payments Strategy, Verizon

Michelle Ziolkowski, CTP
SVP, ACH Group Product Manager, Wells Fargo

Wire Transfers: Assessing Risks & Controls

Risk & Compliance | Intermediate

10:10 AM-11:00 AM | Room 5A

Wire transfers pose one of the greatest risks of loss to a financial institution. Transfer speed, paired with large dollar volume transactions and the inability to recover funds once they are transferred, leave financial institutions vulnerable to significant risk. This session reviews the various risk areas that should be addressed to provide insight into the wire transfer business. Attendees gain an understanding of the various risk areas associated with wire transfers, and learn about the importance of assessing wire transfer risks and controls used to effectively mitigate these risks.

Elizabeth Birchell, AAP
Director, NEACH

Mary Anne Ruisi
EFT Manager, The Washington Trust Company

Increase Disbursements Efficiency for your Treasury Partners

Faster Payments Experience | Advanced
10:10AM-11:00AM | Room 5B

Find out how treasury services provide safer, more efficient disbursements for corporate customers including a real life case study that successfully applied disbursements innovation to higher education.

Robert Foote
Director, Senior Treasury Product Manager, Payments, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Eric Foust
Director, Market Solutions, Early Warning