Sunday Workshops

Sunday Workshops

Start a step ahead!

Covering a wide variety of payments industry topics, these two-hour workshops employ interactive training techniques that provide attendees with meaningful value and practical tools such as checklists and resource papers. These sessions take place Sunday, April 29, 2018.

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1:00-3:00 p.m.

‘A for Effort’ Doesn’t Apply to Writing:
Learn How to Communicate with Impact

Pre-Conference Workshops | Fundamental
Room 1B

Whether you want to further your organization’s goals, advance your own career – or both – learning to write in simple, clear and impactful language is essential. Regardless of your job title or duties, at some point during your day, you may be responsible for creating written content for internal or external audiences. This business writing session will provide the tools, techniques and rules needed to better communicate in organizations that are increasingly multinational and multilingual. Learn how to write effective emails that people won’t ignore, as well as craft a resume and cover letter to take you to the next level, among other business writing essentials. Bring all grammar, punctuation and writing questions for an interactive discussion.

Elizabeth S. Harkey
President, Advanced Marketing Group, Inc.
Shanon Murray
Director, Content Creation & Public Relations, NACHA - The Electronic Payments Association

The Faster Payments Evolution

Pre-Conference Workshops | Intermediate
Room 3

As Same Day ACH, real-time payments, Zelle and other faster payment options continue making their way into the spotlight, there is always more information to process and more decisions to make. If your head has been spinning over the past few years we don’t blame you. What do these systems do? What do they mean for your organization’s policies, procedures and customers? How do you even begin sorting out which solution(s) is best for you? Payments experts and industry stakeholders lead workshop attendees on a journey of how we got here, what we are doing now that we are here, and what they see for the future.

Joseph Casali, AAP, NCP
Senior Vice President, NEACH
John Curtis, AAP, NCP
SVP, Education & Training, WesPay

ACH Essentials: Part I

Pre-Conference Workshops | Fundamental
Room 2

This workshop introduces attendees to the ACH Network and ACH payments. The speakers review functionality to support payments and information, key attributes, and funds flow for debit and credit entries. Workshop attendees learn how Standard Entry Class (SEC) Codes are used for Direct Deposit and Direct Payment via ACH, consumer and corporate payments, and nonpayment entries. Participant roles and responsibilities are explored as well.

Michele Barlow, AAP, NCP
Vice President, WACHA - The Premier Payments Resource
Kristin A. Stedman, AAP
Senior Vice President, Risk & Compliance, PaymentsFirst Inc.

ACH Audit: The Evolution of Appendix Eight & What’s Next

Pre-Conference Workshops | Intermediate
Room 5A

The NACHA Operating Rules have continued to evolve throughout the years. However, participants often have misperceptions about the audit requirements and what Appendix Eight really means. As ACH exists as part of an increasingly complex and interconnected payments ecosystem, industry dialogue has raised the question of what else should participants do to make the most out of this audit to keep themselves compliant? Join our speakers to understand how to transform your ACH audit process to look beyond Appendix Eight into a risk-based audit that properly reviews all of the Rules with which you must comply.

David L. Payne, AAP, NCP, CFSA, CIA
Vice President, Payments Risk & Compliance, ePayAdvisors
Jen Wasmund, AAP, CTP, NCP
Enterprise Payments Risk Manager, Capital One

ACH, Cards, Checks & Wires (Oh My!)

Pre-Conference Workshops | Fundamental
Room 5B

There is no need to get lost among the different payments systems. Workshop speakers guide you through these systems in an interactive discussion that provides a greater understanding of the comparative benefits and uses of these payments methods. Attendees also gain a working knowledge of the governing rules, laws and regulation, and much more.

Angie Smith, AAP, NCP
Senior Vice President, Professional Development Events, WesPay
Jennifer Stadler, CPP
Senior Director, Education & Communication, PaymentsFirst Inc.

Risk Roadmap Part I: Planning Your Route

Pre-Conference Workshops | Fundamental
Room 4

Risk and risk management are inherent parts of the financial services industry. The need to be proactive about risk mitigation should always be a top priority. If the breaches at various financial institutions and retailers over the last few years have taught us anything, it is that not all risk management strategies are 100 percent effective, and customers notice and remember. Attendees receive a roadmap for establishing and maintaining a risk management program that can be easily understood and implemented by all participants in the payments chain. Content is designed for financial institutions, originating companies, third parties and periphery users of the ACH Network.

Jeanette A. Fox, AAP
Senior Director, Risk Investigations & Research, NACHA - The Electronic Payments Association
Karen E. Sylvester, AAP, NCP, CRCM
Director, Regulatory Compliance, EPCOR

3:30-5:30 p.m.

ACH Essentials for End-Users

Pre-Conference Workshops | Fundamental
Room 1B

ACH is transformative for businesses and can drive efficiencies and reduce costs in accounts payable and receivable processes. The addition of Same Day ACH to the Network provides faster payment settlement as well. Through discussion and dialogue, attendees explore ACH opportunities and preparation essentials for business and supporting providers for procure-to-pay/accounts payable, order-to-cash/consumer receivable, and hire-to-retire processes. If your organization is not already taking advantage of the benefits of the Network, this workshop provides you with the knowledge to present to your Board of Directors, and how to put an implementation plan in place.

Amy K. Morris
Senior Director, ACH Network Rules, NACHA - The Electronic Payments Association
Kim Sipes, CTP
Director, Treasury, Duke Energy

AI, API, Blockchain, DLT & Machine Learning: The Future of Payments?

Pre-Conference Workshops | Fundamental
Room 3

These advancements have become some of the hottest topics in financial services in recent years. Financial institutions need to realize the potential in them, from enhancing the customer service experience where applicable, to the benefits of their analytics in repairs and investigations, to robo-advisors choosing how and when to pay, and more. This workshop provides an overview of what AI, API, Blockchain, DLT and machine learning are and what they are not, looks at what is actually happening in the industry and provides a forecast of where each might have the greatest impact in the coming years.

Andrew Bubbs, AAP
Senior Product Manager, Fiserv
Gareth Lodge
Senior Analyst, Celent
Stephen Mott
Principal, BetterBuyDesign

ACH Essentials: Part II

Pre-Conference Workshops | Intermediate
Room 2

Building on topics discussed in Part I, attendees gain a deeper understanding of concepts and nuances in the NACHA Operating Rules that relate to payment origination and receipt, risk management, rules, compliance, enforcement and exception processing. Speakers explore operational, legal and business aspects of the Rules, and offer insights into best practices – paying special attention to warranties, liabilities, and responsibilities surrounding ACH participation. Attendees learn to draw distinctions between commercial and consumer considerations, explore ODFI and RDFI perspectives, and discuss the use of third parties.

Sandy Ortins, AAP
Vice President, Education, NEACH
Patricia Presta, AAP
Vice President, Education, WesPay

Getting to Know You: Third Parties 101

Pre-Conference Workshops | Fundamental
Room 5A

What are third parties? Updates to the NACHA Operating Rules revised the definition and clarified the roles of Third-Party Senders, however, uncertainty still exists around payment intermediaries and their various roles in the ACH Network. In this workshop, speakers take attendees on a deep dive into what classifies a Third-Party Sender as such, and then guide attendees through different payment scenarios outlining who third parties are, what role they play, and when the definition applies to these ACH participants.

Jason R. Carone, AAP, CTP
Product Management, Silicon Valley Bank
Marsha Lynn Jones, AAP, NCP
President, Third Party Payment Processors Association

Moving Money Around the Globe

Pre-Conference Workshops | Intermediate
Room 5B

As organizations become more global, it is increasingly important to understand the implications of international payments for your institutions. This workshop introduces attendees to key concepts and practices, including international trade, foreign exchange, payments and collections. Speakers provide a deeper look into the growing areas of international ACH and contactless/mobile payments (where the U.S. lags), as well as regional updates and trends from Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America; EMV learnings from other geographies; blockchain; and regulatory issues, including sanctions and compliance. Attendees gain significant insight into the complex and exciting world of international payments.

Jane Hennessy
Head of External Alliances, G2 Web Services, LLC
Alan S. Koenigsberg
Chief Revenue Officer, Traxpay AG

Risk Roadmap Part II: Stepping on the Gas

Pre-Conference Workshops | Intermediate
Room 4

This workshop builds on principles addressed in the Risk Roadmap Part I workshop. Industry experts and educators cover complex concepts and examine nuances of building a successful ACH risk management strategy and understanding how multiple parties (ACH Operators, ODFIs, and Originators) come together to play a critical role in managing data integrity, and the overall risk associated with electronic payment processing.

Andrew M. Barlow, AAP, NCP
Executive Vice President, WACHA - The Premier Payments Resource
Devon Marsh
Senior Vice President, Treasury Management Risk & Compliance, Wells Fargo