Sunday Workshops

Add Workshops to enhance your educational value! Covering a wide variety of payments industry topics, these two-hour workshops employ interactive training techniques that provide attendees with meaningful value and practical tools such as checklists and resource papers. These sessions take place Sunday, April 19, 2020.

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1:00 PM-3:00 PM

Propelling your Faster Payments IQ

Smarter. Faster. When describing payments these catchy descriptors are everywhere, but what do they really mean relative to our industry? Trying to understand all of the faster payments products in the market and how each of those mechanisms can leverage technology to be considered "smart" can be daunting. Payments 2020 begins with this essential introduction into many of the topics being discussed during the conference. From APIs to Zelle, you will learn the A to Z of smarter, faster payments to use as a base of knowledge for the entirety of your Payments 2020 experience.

Questions to be answered during this session: 

  1. What are the primary faster payments mechanisms?
  2. How do the faster payments mechanisms use technology and how does the technology integrate?

Speakers to be announced

3:30 PM-5:30 PM

Essentials of the ACH Network

This workshop introduces attendees to the ACH Network and ACH payments. Speakers will review the functionality of the Network and how it supports payments and information, key attributes, and funds flow for debit and credit entries. Attendees will learn how Standard Entry Class (SEC) Codes are used for Direct Deposit and Direct Payment via ACH, consumer and corporate payments, and nonpayment entries. Participant roles and responsibilities are explored, as well as concepts and nuances in the Nacha Operating Rules that relate to payment origination and receipt, risk management, compliance, enforcement and exception processing. Speakers offer insights into best practices, paying special attention to responsibilities surrounding ACH participation.

Questions to be answered during this session: 

  1. What are the obligations for all ACH Network participants? 
  2. How can any ACH Network participant, regardless of role, ensure an organization is in compliance with the Rules and what are the consequences for noncompliance?

Michele Barlow, AAP, NCP
Vice President, WACHA - The Premier Payments Resource

Jennifer Kirk, AAP
Vice President, Education, EPCOR

Sandy Ortins, AAP, APRP, NCP
Senior Vice President, Operations, NEACH

The Faster Payments Evolution

Same Day ACH, the RTP Network, Zelle and other faster payments options continue to expand, and many may feel like they are on information overload. Making decisions on where to go with faster payments can be baffling, whether you are a financial institution or corporate practitioner. This workshop lays out the fundamentals of faster payments and the role Nacha and the Center for Payments play in the faster payments education space. Payments experts and industry stakeholders will lead workshop attendees on a journey of how we got here, what we are doing now that we are here, and what they see for the future.

Questions to be answered during session: 

  1. What are some of the newer faster payments options and how do transaction flows and risk and compliance considerations differ among platforms?
  2. What is the value of devising a comprehensive faster payments strategy to meet client needs and streamline organizational processes?


Joseph Casali, AAP, NCP
Senior Vice President, NEACH

John M. Curtis, AAP, APRP, NCP
SVP, Education & Training, WesPay

Understanding Cross-Channel Payments Risk & Fraud

Managing risk across business lines is crucial to your organization's success. Industry experts cover complex concepts and examine nuances of building a successful risk management strategy and understanding how compliance and requirements are balanced with discretionary risk management decisions. However, work does not end once one can recognize and mitigate risks. Using that knowledge to alleviate fraud threats becomes essential. Attendees come away with knowledge on managing overall risk associated with electronic payment processing, the tools available to help develop risk policy across various lines of business, and how to apply a risk policy to address fraud.

Questions to be answered during this session: 

  1. How can you balance your risk tolerance with current regulatory pressures and defend your approach to auditors and examiners?
  2. How does risk fit into daily operations and decisions made at your institution regardless of its size?

Andrew M. Barlow, AAP, NCP
Executive Vice President, WACHA - The Premier Payments Resource

Devon Marsh
Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo

Payments Technology: APIs & Blockchain

Application programming interfaces (APIs) have proven their value across many industries for a number of years now, allowing for a model of smart integration and seamless experiences. The pendulum for this model now swings towards banking, with services ranging from bank account management to fraud prevention via real-time payment validation. Similarly, blockchain appears in many presentations and conversations. This workshop introduces the concepts of APIs, how they might be used in the payments world, and what Nacha and industry stakeholders are doing to advance their usage. The speaker also explains blockchain from a business perspective. 

Questions to be answered during this session: 

  1. What is an API and why are they so important for the payments industry?
  2. What business benefits does blockchain provide to a business system?


Peter Tapling, APRP
Managing Director, PTap Advisory, LLC

Co-presenter to be announced

Understanding Payments Standards: X9 to ISO & Beyond

Standardization extends far beyond the payment origination and receipt. Standards have a direct impact on usage at POS, connected cities, API standards and Internet of Things (IoT). From the initiation of the payment and the beginning of the procurement of goods or services to the final receipt of payment, developing universal payment standards is critical so that information is not lost in translation. However, with different countries and different payment platforms speaking different standard languages this is often difficult to achieve. This workshop explores the industry’s efforts to come together to develop and implement a standard that reaches across all borders.

Questions to be answered during this session: 

  1. What are the usage and basic functionalities of standards?
  2. Is there ever going to be a time when all payments “speak” the same language?

Steve Stevens
Executive Director of ASC X9, Accredited Standards Committee X9

Co-presenter to be announced