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Your Wallet on Wheels: Connected Cars and the New Era in Payments


Date 11:20 AM - 12:10 PM (0 hours 50 minutes)
Tuesday, April 18
Disruptive Ideas & Technologies

Connected devices are proliferating at breath-taking speed. IoT Analytics estimates by 2025, there will be an average of more than 4 Internet of Things devices per person in addition to smartphones and laptops. Amongst this myriad of devices will be connected cars. Vehicles are expected to become a ‘wallet’ on wheels. In the case of B2C, drivers will be able to pay retailers like coffee stores, pay for a parking space, or make payments for car features on demand, all from their vehicle. For B2B payments, the car wallet could be used to pay for employee Travel & Expenses (T&E) via streamlined processes, eliminating the need to report expenses separately. Connected cars are expected to serve as a marketplace and connector to multiple parties. This panel discussion will examine how connected cars will create new revenue streams and business opportunities, acting as a critical change agent for many industries. We will also explore the implications beyond cars, looking at trucks and public transportation, and the impact on logistics, smart cities and healthcare.  


Ali Almakky
Managing Director, Global Head of Mobility Payments Solutions
J.P. Morgan Chase