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When the Going Gets Tough, a Community Bank Gets Going: A Real-Time Payments Case Study


Date 03:10 PM - 04:10 PM (1 hour)
Monday, August 23
Faster Payments Experience
Remote Connect

This session spotlights a compelling case study of leadership, tenacity and collaboration during the uncertain times of a global pandemic. Working with Bankers’ Bank and JHA PayCenter, the team at IncredibleBank persevered to become one of the first community banks to go live on TCH's RTP network. This group blazed new trails, implemented new procedures and deployed innovative solutions, overcoming difficult odds through the power of teamwork. Join this session to understand their decision-making processes, hear about the operational challenges they overcame and benefit from their lessons learned.

Questions answered during this session:

1. What are the advantages of working with a funding agent for settlement, and what is the distinction between a funding provider and a funding manager?
2. What are the strategic advantages for community banks to act now to offer real time payments, versus sitting on the sidelines until FedNow is available?