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What Your SMB Customers Really Want


Date 01:10 PM - 02:00 PM (0 hours 50 minutes)
Tuesday, May 09
Payments in Practice
Remote Connect

The vast majority of small businesses bank online, yet many financial institutions have been slow to invest in next-generation digital offerings that satisfy their needs. This is a major source of dissatisfaction and a driver of bank disintermediation. Whether it’s the lack of robust payment capabilities, substandard levels of digital engagement, or missing features and functionality, the stakes are high when SMBs  have so many alternatives. Digital experiences play a key role in small business decisioning when selecting a financial services partner, so it is no wonder that many financial institutions struggle to compete head-to-head with larger competitors. In this session, speakers review and react to survey results of U.S.-based SMB businesses along with insights based on deep market knowledge. Attendees come away from the session with actionable recommendations and best practices they can use to evaluate their organization's digital strategies.   


Ashley Sutor
SVP, Business Banking Director of Business Management
Huntington National Bank