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Wednesday Morning Keynote


Date 09:40 AM - 11:00 AM (1 hour 20 minutes)
Wednesday, August 25
Remote Connect

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Exploring Humalogy by Practicing Humanity and Embracing Technology to Shape the Future

Scott Klososky, futurist, strategist and entrepreneur, examines digital transformation and its powerful impact on the world. The Internet of Things, HUMALOGY®-based relationships, wearable devices, big data, the cashless society, and cybersecurity are all impacting financial services today and in the future. When the world was forced to reexamine business and technology due to the pandemic the previous hurdles to change became opportunities to embrace new ways of doing things. This thought-provoking session provides attendees with a call to action to consider their legacy and what they can do personally to use technology to advance their organizations, all while remaining nimble in order to respond to the changing needs of consumers and organizations.