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Transforming Treasury: Treasury’s Evolving Role


Date 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (1 hour)
Monday, August 23
Remote Connect

Today’s treasury organizations are being impacted by the broader digital transformation happening across nearly every industry. Given these dramatic changes, Treasury needs to ask itself - Is my organization leading or following when it comes to innovation and digitization? And, can my Treasury infrastructure support my future aspirations? During this session, speaker examines:

  • Macro trends and payment industry innovations on the horizon – what you need to know and how to think about change and prioritizing investments.
  • How Treasury can play a more prominent role in driving corporate strategy, leveraging payment innovation to deliver results for your organization through:
    • Differentiated customer experience models, driving increased business and overall brand loyalty
    • Digitization and automation leading to process and efficiency benefits
    • DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) and DPO (Days Payables Outstanding) working capital optimization, improving overall business performance relative to industry peers

Suggested best practices for Treasurers to proactively take advantage of payments industry disruption are discussed throughout the session.


Alberto Casas
North America Head of Payments and Receivables
Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions