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Subscriptions & Payments: A Perfect Pairing for Businesses and Consumers


Date 04:40 PM - 05:30 PM (0 hours 50 minutes)
Monday, April 17
Faster Payments Experience

Today, more than 70% of consumers maintain at least one subscription, which has fueled the growth of subscription-based sales by more than 300%. With newfound preferences to remain at home, and conveniences that consumers won’t be giving up, subscription services are here to stay. At the same time, consumers and businesses alike want fast, convenient payments to support transactions, including subscription payments. Speakers in this session provide a look at the value these payments can provide to corporate practitioners and their customers as they review the state of subscriptions and what the future holds with current and new real-time payments rails that can support the more efficient payments the industry seeks.


Hope Hacker
AVP, Assistant Treasurer
Nationwide Insurance Companies