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Secure Payments


Date 02:25 PM - 02:40 PM (0 hours 15 minutes)
Tuesday, August 24
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Digital payments and social engineering schemes are at an all-time high. Financial institutions must find and stop fraudulent transactions in real-time—while operating within a complex regulatory environment. 
Bottomline’s Secure Payments helps you to stop fraud and misdirected payments, before any money goes out of the door. Use standalone or fully integrate with Bottomline’s digital banking and payments solutions, Secure Payments features a best-in-class user interface that maximizes productivity and enables fraud investigators to seamlessly investigate unusual or suspicious payments and online activity. 

Our solution helps quickly and confidently detect threats and prevent fraud, through unique features:
•    The only ECM with no-code cloud configuration for lowest industry TCO
•    Full life cycle monitoring for ACH with seamless integration from our years of data source expertise
•    Record and replay, a screen-by-screen playback of the session to provide context for each transaction and eliminate hours of reviewing log files

Recognized by industry experts for its unique combination of behavioral analytics, machine learning, consortium data, real-time alerting, and automatic transaction blocking, Bottomline’s Secure Payments results in higher detection accuracy and reduced fraud losses, improved productivity, and less customer friction, with a single, fully integrated solution that protects billions of dollars in financial transactions for over 400,000 organizations on our own payment network.


Albert Laino
Senior Solutions Consultant, Fraud and Financial Crime
Bottomline Technologies, Inc.