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Satisfying Your Hunger or Causing Indigestion – A Discussion on Payment Innovation in the U.S.


Date 02:50 PM - 03:40 PM (0 hours 50 minutes)
Monday, April 17
Small to Large Business Perspectives

The rapid-fire innovation in the payments industry over the last decade has created a diner-sized menu of available options organizations can use to collect payments digitally. In the U.S., with a myriad of options - from traditional methods such as Cards and ACH debits, mobile wallets with stored value or embedded tokenized cards, or emerging concepts such as Request for Pay and Open Banking - have whet the appetite of firms seeking to collect faster, drive efficiencies and reduce costs, or meet consumer demand for payment choice.  Still, after decades on a steady diet of Card-based payments, many organizations are struggling to digest the myriad payment choices at their disposal, and to sort through their pros and cons.  Come join this session to learn more about key developments in the U.S. market, insights into how forward-looking firms are contemplating alternative payment methods to address current challenges within their businesses, and implications and considerations for making available a healthy mix of new payment solutions to your customers.


Christopher Chazin
North America Head, Emerging Receivables and Instant Payments
Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions