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Protecting Your Accounts Payable Team from Emerging B2B Payment Fraud Threats


Date 02:00 PM - 02:50 PM (0 hours 50 minutes)
Tuesday, April 18
Payments in Practice

Fraud is like the deluge of spam calls you’re getting: endless, frustrating and difficult to avoid. As remote work and rapidly evolving technology become commonplace in the world of B2B payments, new fraud risks have emerged, imperiling your payments at a time when you least need the problem to exist. We know that policies and procedures alone won’t protect you from payment fraud, so what will? In this interactive panel discussion, speakers discuss payment fraud and business email compromise scenarios which target accounts payable departments today, some of the emerging threats in 2023 and beyond, and much more. Throughout this compelling conversation, attendees receive advice from the panel on reducing the risk of your critical systems being compromised in order to protect an organization and its suppliers against payment fraud. 


Mark Aquilina
Sr. Vice President, Mastercard Commercial Solutions, North American B2B Solutions
Chris Gerda
Risk and Fraud Prevention Officer
Bottomline Technologies, Inc.