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The Open Banking Paradigm: Decisioning in the Digital Marketplace


Date 01:45 PM - 02:35 PM (0 hours 50 minutes)
Monday, April 17
Disruptive Ideas & Technologies

Open banking solutions have been historically viewed as account confirmation tools. These solutions have since become an invaluable, 360-degree lens into a customer’s digital financial life, fueling simpler, safer decisioning for all participants the digital marketplace. For credit card issues  and loan use cases, this means that decisions previously steered primarily by credit history can now be taken with access to bank-verified cash inflows and outflows. These use cases alone will create opportunities for fintechs and digital wallet companies to support clients that they are turning away today and serve to grow our economy. Recent strides in open banking will further enable data sourcing across single, multiple, or linked portfolios with or without overt user action – once consent is provided. Speakers in this session explore the new paradigm as they examine the significance of open banking in a world where bank-based credit funding (buy now pay later) for purchases is competing with traditional credit methods.  


Ramesh Menon
Group Director, Product Management, Digital Identity & Fraud Solutions
Andy Sheehan
Executive Vice President, Open Banking -- Head of Finicity