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Keys To Growing Your Corporate Payments Business


Date 04:30 PM - 05:30 PM (1 hour)
Tuesday, August 24
Innovations in Information
Remote Connect

Winning a new corporate client's payments business isn't easy. Financial institutions must provide payables offerings that are more comprehensive and cost-effective than the competition, while ensuring their clients can access the latest innovations in faster payments, APIs, next-generation cross-border options and ISO 20022-based data insights quickly and easily. This session examines the weak links in the typical corporate FI's payments product set, the clearing and settlement of payables and receivables, and the data that flows with the payment. Walk away with recommendations on how these links can be strengthened so FIs can win more customers and grow healthy corporate payments businesses.    

Questions answered during this session:

1. What are corporations looking for from their FIs that they aren't getting today?   
2. How can FIs take the lead in innovating and providing corporate clients with products and services? 


Paul Schaus
President & CEO
CCG Catalyst Consulting Group