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It’s Time to Ante Up: How to go “All-In” on ISO 20022


Date 02:50 PM - 03:40 PM (0 hours 50 minutes)
Monday, April 17
Smarter Payments Experience

Increased adoption of ISO 20022 has been an ongoing discussion in the payments industry. As the demand for global ubiquity increases, the switch to this standard isn’t just important, there is simply no more choice - this new standard is the basis for all future payment business. FI's will need to navigate a series of complex changes to prepare to migrate to this new standard and as we know from our vast experience with ISO 20022 conversions around the globe, these types of changes don’t come without challenges. Speakers on this session will discuss some of the common challenges FIs and corporates encounter when adopting ISO 20022 and will take a deep dive into how FIs approach corporates and how they can work together to ensure a seamless migration.