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The Future Trajectory of Remote Authentication Fraud


Date 10:15 AM - 11:05 AM (0 hours 50 minutes)
Tuesday, April 18
Cybersecurity & Risk

This session examines the dynamic remote authentication fraud landscape and how we must band together to demonstrate a similar agility in our response. We will explain the weaknesses and inconsistencies of current authentication methods, resulting in the continued rise of related fraud. Speakers review the inherent risks around specific authentication methods, including the use of static personally identifiable information (PII) and highlight the many ways that fraudsters access this personal data (e.g., data breaches, malware, phishing, SIM swap attacks) to demonstrate how easy and inexpensive it is for them to obtain what most believe to be secured, private information. Attendees come away from the session with a better understanding of the prevalence of remote authentication fraud and why it is important to continually strengthen authentication practices as they learn about the risks and weaknesses of current authentication methods and key considerations for implementing effective authentication (comprised of multiple layers and factors).