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Fighting Unemployment Fraud in the Post-Pandemic World


Date 02:05 PM - 02:55 PM (0 hours 50 minutes)
Sunday, April 16
Cybersecurity & Risk

In September 2022, the office of the inspector general of the Labor Department estimated that the federal government made about $45.6 billion duplicate payments or payments made to dead people, individuals with suspicious email accounts or federal prisoners. The same office brought more than 1,000 criminal charges against people accused of fraudulently receiving unemployment insurance benefits during the pandemic, including against the (now) notorious Nuke Bizzle, the California rapper who outed himself in a YouTube music video. In this panel speakers discuss how they have partnered and used solutions to successfully prevent unemployment benefits fraud and how the same technology can be applied by corporations and government agencies to validate account status and ownership at the point of transaction.  


James Cotter
Director, NASWA Integrity Data Hub
National Association of State Workforce Agencies