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Faster Payments Barometer – What’s Now, What’s Needed, And What’s Next?


Date 02:05 PM - 02:55 PM (0 hours 50 minutes)
Sunday, April 16
Faster Payments Experience

Hot off the presses! Respondents to the annual Faster Payments Barometer survey have helped track the year-over-year increases in faster payments adoption in the United States. Recent survey results indicated that more organizations added to their faster payments arsenals with 85 percent on track to implement at least one additional faster payments system to their existing infrastructure. But while the industry achieved gains, the results showed there are still challenges, such as costs and complexity, as well as a lack of interoperability, among others. This panel of industry experts will provide session attendees a first look at the results from this year’s Barometer Study and discuss the trends that will be most impactful to organizations planning their faster payments strategy in 2023 and beyond.