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Digital Transformation of the Buyer/Supplier Experience


Date 09:05 AM - 09:55 AM (0 hours 50 minutes)
Wednesday, April 19
Disruptive Ideas & Technologies

It’s an old adage in the payments industry: A payment is only as good as the that data goes along with it. For decades, payments data has been elusive–sometimes preceding and sometimes following the payment, but rarely “traveling with” the payment in an easy to use and accessible form. In the age of connected commerce and payments traveling at instant speed, the promise of the data for straight-through processing, zero hassle reconcilement and more accurate cash flow forecasting is at our fingertips. It will even be further accelerated by the ability to access specific documents like invoices to give both buyers and sellers the complete set of information related to the payment available, in a form they already use. Come learn about the next gen payment data capabilities how they will transform the AP/AR and commerce experience. Speakers discuss consumer and commercial cases and how information exchange services will improve commerce and the costs of AP/AR processing.  


Thomas Kelly
VP, Senior Manager, Strategic Platforms, US Payments
TD Bank, N.A.