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(B2B) Money Can No Longer Move in Mysterious Ways


Date 03:20 PM - 04:20 PM (1 hour)
Tuesday, August 24
Practical Strategies, Real Results
Remote Connect

Last year’s pandemic exposed some industry inefficiencies, as well as decades-long inertia associated with the lack of global B2B payments innovation. The industry has responded by coming together to modernize existing infrastructures and bring to market new, safe and transparent ways for businesses to move money as effortlessly and simply as consumer payments are today. In this session, hear success stories, recent research, and obtain tips to help dispel any the mystery associated with sending, tracking and receiving B2B funds — today and decades to come.

Questions answered during this session:

1. Where are we today in the evolution of B2B global money movement?
2. What will it take to push the innovation forward for quick, safe and efficient B2B global money movement?