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Achieving Greater Payment Automation


Date 03:10 PM - 04:10 PM (1 hour)
Monday, August 23
Corporate & End User Perspectives
Remote Connect

With all the technology breakthroughs over the past several years, why are our financial payment processes still not as automated as everyone predicted they would be? One answer is that various barriers between payors and payees continue to limit the adoption of key technological advances. Come learn how the Business Payments Coalition is breaking down the barriers to advancing the adoption of e-invoicing, resulting in increasing payment efficiency and reducing the costs through an open delivery network.  

Questions answered during this session:

1. What are the activities the industry is working on that promotes greater adoption of e-invoices and improving payment efficiency?
2. What are the many barriers and challenges that exist between payors and payee systems, platforms, and service providers for greater adoption of electronic invoicing and payments?


Todd Albers
Senior Payments Consultant
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis