Professional Development

Professional Development

These educational opportunities are specifically designed to focus on the importance of professional development and help you get ahead in today's complicated job market.

Monday, April 30, 2018

How to Develop a High-Performing Team

Professional Development Series | Intermediate
1:15 PM-2:05 PM | Room 10

You’ve been promoted! Now you have a team that reports to you. How do you manage the team effectively to accomplish goals and to utilize your team’s talents? Speakers discuss the role of emotional intelligence (EQ), different processing styles and types, and ways to leverage team members’ strengths. Real-life examples of how to identify your first team, instill trust between team members, encourage healthy conflict, inspire commitment, adhere to accountability and drive focus on team results are also shared with attendees.

Colleen F. Morrison
Principal, CFM Communications
William D. Sullivan
Senior Director & Group Manager, Government & Industry Relations, NACHA – The Electronic Payments Association

What’s Your Story? Turning Your Next Presentation into a Compelling Narrative

Professional Development Series | Intermediate
4:40 PM-5:30 PM | Room 9
How many times have you sat down to create a presentation only to be stymied as to how to make it interesting and engaging? The secret to a great presentation is to turn it into a story. Make your next talk more meaningful, memorable and relatable by applying the elements of story. A story draws your audience in and keeps them connected to what you have to say. In this session, attendees learn the four keys to creating a compelling presentation that tells a captivating story that stays with the audience long after the session ends.
Aurora Gregory
Chief Communications Strategist, Aurora Gregory Consulting, LLC

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

After the Handshake: The Business Woman’s Networking Dilemma

Professional Development Series | Intermediate
11:20 AM-12:10 PM | Room 5A
Effective networking for women in business has always been integral to a successful professional trajectory. This panel session - comprised of leading business women in the financial industry – explores proven networking techniques for women in today's marketplace.
Cheryl Gurz
Director, Global Payments Solutions, CGI
Rita Rafalovsky
Senior Vice President, TM Innovations, PNC Bank
Cheryl L. Venable
EVP, Retail Payments Product Manager, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Managing Your Professional Image

Professional Development Series | Fundamental
2:30 PM-3:20 PM | Room 7B
This interactive session provides attendees with ways to enhance their professional image, giving them that extra edge to establish trust and credibility in the workplace. Topics include making a good first impression, appropriate dress for various business occasions, shaking hands in a confident manner, using business cards appropriately and being more skilled at social networking and first-time meetings. Speakers and attendees also discuss generational differences in the workplace as well as best practices for meetings and conference calls, cell phone usage and email etiquette, all of which will help professionals become more confident and effective in their business interactions at any level.
Jane Hennessy
Head of External Alliances, G2 Web Services LLC

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Financial Services & Social Media DO Mix!

Professional Development Series | Fundamental
9:05 AM-9:55 AM | Room 4
Many companies have taken to seriously limiting or forbidding social media usage among their employees. While there is an associated risk inherent in the use of social media, even the SEC, FDIC and other regulating bodies say it is OK to use social media for the right reasons.  And proponents say that the reward of using social media - marketing, customer service and engagement - outweighs the risk if proper precautions are employed. Employee training, vigilance and risk programs can help protect against inherent threats posed by cyberattacks related to social media. Presenters share regulators' suggestions regarding social media, as well as relay the best uses for social media and ways to guard against misuse and threats.
Laurel Egan Kenny
President, Turningpoint Communications
Andrew Ostashen
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Vulsec
Raymond C. Vines, CTP
Treasury Director, Dean Foods Company


Session details subject to change.