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Professional Development Day

New to PAYMENTS 2017 is Professional Development Day! These sessions are designed to help you advance your career and enhance your marketability. Join us on Wednesday, April 26 to take advantage of these educational opportunities specifically designed to focus on the importance of professional development and help you get ahead in today's complicated job market.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Managing Your Professional Image

8-9:15 AM | Room 14
Professional Development Day | Fundamental
This interactive session provides attendees with ways to enhance their professional image, giving them that extra edge to establish trust and credibility in the workplace. Topics covered include making a good first impression, appropriate dress for various business occasions, shaking hands in a confident manner, using business cards appropriately and being more skilled at social networking and first-time meetings.  Speakers and attendees also discuss generational differences in the workplace as well as best practices for meetings and conference calls, cell phone usage and email etiquette – all of which will help professionals become more confident and effective in their business interactions at any level.
Justin Dombrowski
Sr Manager, Fintech Innovation & Blockchain Technology AsiaPac, PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP)
Jane Hennessy
Head of External Alliances, G2 Web Services, LLC

Establishing an Excellent Office Environment: Staying Professional & Reducing Difficult Conversations

8-9:15 AM | Room 18A
Professional Development Day | Intermediate
Creating a comfortable and productive work environment is critical to your organizations success.  In this fast paced and socially-connected world this can be ever more challenging. Whether you are the CEO or a staff member there are ways that you can help create a working environment that establishes a tone for harmony and teamwork.  Understanding what you have control over and how you react to your boss, your direct reports and co-workers is key.  Sometimes however, difficult conversations need to be held.  This session provides valuable tips on how to stay professional, create a harmonious work environment and if needed, how to have difficult conversations.
Norman K. Robinson, AAP, CTP
President Emeritus, ePayResources

Get Picked to Speak & Amp Up Your Career

9:30-10:45 AM | Room 14
Professional Development Day | Intermediate
If you know your stuff, you should be a conference speaker. Others need to know what you know so they can learn from your success. Public speaking is, hands down, the best way to raise your profile as an expert and open up a treasure trove of opportunities that can boost your career. But how to get picked to speak? This session teaches you how to craft a speaker proposal that will get you noticed and help you land a spot on a conference agenda.
Aurora Gregory
Best-Selling Author & Chief Communications Strategist, Aurora Gregory Consulting LLC

Fear-less: Is Fear Holding You Back?

9:30-10:45 AM | Room 18A
Professional Development Day | Fundamental
Working in a diverse industry can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. Hear from a leader who has successfully navigated this environment, to develop and inspire strategies which will serve you well in the industry. Some key aspects of being successful include acting with confidence and not being afraid to spotlight your accomplishments and vocalize what opportunities you desire. Learning to be your own and best advocate can serve you well as you progress in your career and having a mentor can ease the path forward as you work to overcome any fears that may be holding you back.  You will learn tips for believing in yourself, negotiating for what you want and deserve and helping others.  Join the discussion and begin helping yourself and others achieve their full potential.
Debbie Scanlon, CPA
Partner, BKD, LLP

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Reflecting your Personal Brand in the Workplace

11 PM-12 PM | Room 14
Professional Development Day | Intermediate
Your personal brand affects all aspects of your life. Do you know what your brand says about you and the best ways to proactively market yourself?  Attend this session to explore personal brand awareness and ways to enhance and promote a positive brand both in and out of the workplace. Speakers cover topics such as how co-workers and personal acquaintances view you, deciding how you want to be perceived and acting on it, and how you can improve, enhance and/or change your image based on your personal and professional goals. Attendees are encouraged to participate via live polling, scenario-based role play, and group discussion to explore the role of social media and best practices leveraging personal development.
Cassandra Gordon
VP, Funds Movement Group Manager, TD Bank, N.A.
Claire Masino-Alesiani, AAP
Vice President, TD Bank, N.A.

The Next Generations in Banking: Where are You?

11 AM-12 PM | Room 18A
Professional Development Day | Intermediate
As an increasing number of the industry population ages out, organizations need to consider keeping their talent pool full at a time when the financial industry isn’t as highly a sought after profession as it once was among the younger generations. What is the younger generation’s perception of careers in financial services? With four generations currently in the workforce, how can you create a comfortable multi-generational work environment? Not everyone can offer the perks some of the newer, “hip” companies across different industries can, but relying on best practices won’t get you as far as it used to. Have an open dialogue with panelists as they approach these important topics and more from different industry angles and personal perspectives.
Moderator: Tristan Thompson
VP, Payments Group Manager, Bank Product & Services, UMB Bank, N.A.
Nell Campbell-Drake, AAP
Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Mason Gates
Founder, Chief Careers Officer,
Alyssa Romeo
Assistant Director, Education, NACHA - The Electronic Payments Association