Payments Evolution Track

Payments Evolution Track

These sessions focus on the topics that threaten to disrupt the status quo, elicit controversy and provoke debate in the industry.

Around the World in 10 Seconds: Globalizations Impact on Digital & Real-Time Payments

Payments Evolution | Intermediate
Along with evaluating the risks inherent in the speed and global focus of real-time payments, great strides have been made to render solutions and integration easier than ever. The advent of Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), has also raised the bar for system integration and real-time information. In this session, speakers review the historic shift to embracing speed, the importance of a risk-averse processes, and how system integration addresses the current challenges Attendees also receive an update on Basel III and post-Brexit impact and how these regulatory, political and socioeconomic changes impact their approach.
Moderator: Steven E. Bernstein
Executive Director, ACH, Global ACH Marketing & Product, J.P. Morgan
John Christensen
Assistant Treasurer, Lending Club Corporation
Rene Pelegero
President, RPGC, Inc.
Tim Smallow
Senior Manager, Global Payments,

B2B Directory: An Electronic Payment Enabler

Payments Evolution | Intermediate
As the U.S. payments infrastructure moves towards a new faster environment, access to a directory service will be essential to not only provide payment addresses, but also to facilitate the interoperability between multiple faster payments alternatives. The Business Payments Directory Association (BPDA) - in conjunction with The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, NACHA, businesses and financial institutions - has completed extensive work on the design of a B2B directory service. The directory is envisioned to provide both payees and payers the essential information necessary to increase the use of electronic payments. Attend this session to learn the next steps for making the directory a market reality.
Michael A. Bilski
Chief Executive Officer, North American Banking Company
Lawrence F. Buettner
SVP, Innovation, WAUSAU Financial Systems - a Deluxe Company

Beating Disruptors at Their Own Game: Putting the Customer First

Payments Evolution | Advanced
In the sharing economy with data monetization, digital identity and customer choice, can financial institutions continue to hide behind their moats? Regulators from the EU to India and points in between have all firmly come out in favor of banking that places the controls in the hands of the account owners and their chosen intermediaries. Is that a threat or an opportunity? In this session, discover the drivers of this change and the implications to the financial services industry. Do financial institutions just comply with the regulatory mandates or do we need to do something extra to compete with fintechs? What does the future look like and how might we get there?
Peter A. Davey, AAP
VP, Payment Innovation, The Clearing House
Mihail Duta
Head of Product Management, Americas Payments Solutions, Finastra
Vaibhav Puranik
Managing Director, Consumer Banking, Cross River Bank
Christopher Ward, CCM
EVP, Head of Treasury Management Product Management, PNC Bank

Building your Financial Institution's Payment Strategy

Payments Evolution | Intermediate
Payments are an important part of a financial institution's balance sheet, generating substantial noninterest income.  But with so many emerging solutions, where to begin?  In this session,  review existing and new technologies, and learn how to roadmap your thoughts into an actionable plan that leads to an effective payments strategy in an ever-changing industry.
Julie Hanson
Senior Vice President, Card & Payment Products, ICBA Bancard, Inc. & TCM Bank, N.A.

Canada Payments Modernization: What’s Happening North of the Border?

Payments Evolution | Intermediate
Are you doing business north of the border? Do you want to know what's happening with Canada’s Payments Modernization initiative and how it impacts your business and your clients? Join this session to learn why it is happening, what it will deliver and what it all means. Canada’s payments modernization program is a multi-year initiative that will create a fast, flexible and secure payments system and set the stage for greater innovation. Learn about the five pillars of Canada’s Modernization. Understand how Canada’s approach differs from other global initiatives. Gain insight into how a major U.S.-based, yet global financial services company is approaching these exciting changes.
Moderator: Amy Altersohn
Executive Director, J.P. Morgan
Andrew McFarlane
Senior Manager, Financial Services Consulting, Accenture
Sue Whitney
Head of Industry Relations, Payments Canada

Crossing the Border: Driving Innovation With Efficiency

Payments Evolution | Intermediate
Cross-border payments account for roughly 40 percent of global payments transaction-related fees, generating 15 times the revenue of the average retail domestic payment. Yet these revenues are under pressure from a number of external drivers and trends. While traditional cross-border payment models have been successfully processing millions of payments a year, emerging models and frameworks will dramatically change the world of cross-border payments, promising to improve processes, costs, and the customer experience. Attendees learn about the evolution of cross-border payments and how new solutions can strengthen customer relationships.
Patricia Hines, CTP
Senior Analyst, Celent
Joseph Stark
Head of Americas, Earthport 

Faster Payments Have Arrived: Now What?

Payments Evolution | Intermediate
The arrival of  Same Day ACH, The Clearing House’s Real-time Payments network, Zelle (SM),  and other faster payments initiatives that span from ideology to implementation are being evaluated by financial institutions, corporates and individuals to determine applicability and if they are meeting user expectations. By understanding the status of each of these new initiatives, attendees can better assess their needs and prepare for the future, which includes a wider, changing and growing payments landscape. The current status of new payment rails – including alias-based payments – will be discussed, as well as how faster payment solutions are delivering on the promise to enhance user experience, increase client engagement and reduce payments processing expense.
Carl Slabicki, AAP, CTP
Vice President, Senior Product Manager, BNY Mellon

Finding The Best Mousetrap: Optimizing AP Savings & Vendor Satisfaction

Payments Evolution | Intermediate
As today’s accounts payables departments look to migrate their operations from check to electronic payments, they face a range of options, as well as challenges. From ACH to virtual cards, to a combination of the two, choosing the right solution for automating an organization's payments process while maximizing returns involves a thorough understanding of the pros and cons of current industry offerings. Virtual cards deliver rebates, which can transform an AP department from a cost center into a profit center and can help accelerate payment terms to entice vendors to accept them however, they also require a second implementation for the payer, and typically involve manual processing for the vendor. Attendees explore the viability and drawbacks of these options.
Krista Mundt
Director of Financial Operations, Amerigas
Paul Simons
Managing Director, BNY Mellon

How Community Banks & Credit Unions Can Win With Faster Payments

Payments Evolution | Intermediate
Community banks and credit unions play critical roles in ensuring all consumers have access to a fair, transparent, and competitive financial products and services. Yet most of the talks around real-time payments was around large financial institutions focused on P2P. Although many credit unions and community banks do not have a real-time payments strategy, faster payments are important to their future as well. Speakers discuss business use cases and operation readiness, and look at how faster payments fits into any long-term strategy to stay relevant and competitive with the larger financial institutions.
Lindsay Land
VP, Operations, Consumers Credit Union
Mark Nelson
Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Horicon Bank
Milind Pathak
Group Leader, Payments & Integration, Finastra

Navigating the Future of Artificial Intelligence: How to Prioritize Innovative Payment Technologies

Payments Evolution | Advanced
Automating our to-do lists has never been easier. The evolution of machine-learning chat bots, natural language interactive voice response (IVR), and home assistants has enabled AI technology to provide an experience that is more akin to human interaction - all in an effort to make life easier. Yet as consumers become more reliant on advanced technology to assist them in completing everyday tasks, billers must look ahead at the impact of evolving AI technology on the electronic bill presentment/payment (EBPP) industry. This session outlines the challenges associated with developing compatibility with products such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, Apple’s Siri and more. Join in on a discussion on the pros and cons of each tool from a billing perspective, and how to prioritize which technologies have the potential to make a meaningful impact on the timeliness, efficiency and speed of customer payments.
Alexis Blackstead
Director, Electronic Payments, Western Union

Open Banking API's: An Opportunity to Regain Control

Payments Evolution | Advanced
The European Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) has mandated financial institutions to implement APIs to allow third parties direct access to customer account information and initiate payment transactions without any intermediaries. Despite its implementation challenges, PSD2 has the potential to revolutionize the way in which financial and payments services are provided. Should such technology also be implemented in the U.S.?  What are the pros and cons? Can they benefit from opening their doors directly to payment initiators? Is this the opportunity that financial institutions have been looking to eliminate the brand disintermediation started by the payment networks and continued by third party payment providers like PayPal and Apple Pay?
Peter Gordon
VP, Product Development & Innovation, Mastercard
Bruce Parker
Founder & CEO, Modo
Rene Pelegero
President, RPGC, Inc.

The Case for Real-Time Payments in Bill Pay Scenarios

Payments Evolution | Intermediate
Effective bill presentment and payment solutions that solve for both real time payments and recurring billing needs in a single platform provide great efficiencies. In this session we explore various use cases for real time bill payments and how to manage the risks associated with those use cases.
Bill Morrison
Chief Product Officer, Transactis, Inc.
Laurie Olson
Global Product Manager, Wells Fargo

The (R)evolution of Electronic Banking

Payments Evolution | Intermediate
Electronic banking technology has undergone major changes over the past decades. From the introduction of the internet to the release of mobile applications, users continue to demand better usability and more features and functionality from their service providers. To meet these growing customer demands, providers are using of the latest technologies, such as APIs and artificial intelligence, to make services more intuitive, while expediting the release of new technology solutions to meet customer requirements. Attendees learn how new technology trends such as payments wizards, cash forecasting, and payment analytics continue to shape the banking industry and impact the user experience.
Linda Coven
Senior Analyst, Aite Group
Michelle A. Palombo, AAP, CTP
Managing Director, Global Client Access, BNY Mellon

The B2B Payments Landscape: Is it Evolving or Stalling?

Payments Evolution | Intermediate
Digital transformation has abounded across the B2B payments landscape. Companies have followed suit by revamping the way they pay their suppliers. It’s a buyer’s market as invoice automation, consolidation of outgoing payments and remittance portals have become the new normal. Will this pace continue? Have businesses really embraced this transformation enough to continue evolution, or is momentum stalling?  What types of industry disruptors are looming and who will benefit the most? This session provides a candid look into both the buyer's and seller's digital  strategies. Attendees also review current market solutions, paying special attention to fintech solutions.
Lucy Diasio
SVP, Product & Innovation Treasury Services, KeyBank
Stephanie Uhl, CTP
Assistant Treasurer, Forest City Realty Trust, Inc.

The Current Outlook on P2P Payments

Payments Evolution | Intermediate
The last 18 months have seen major shifts in P2P with the launch of new services and new alliances.This panel features discussion on the current outlook on P2P payments, how consumers are responding to changes in these services, and how the debut of real-time payment capabilities has impacted payments types and volumes. This sessions also covers research showing which consumers are using P2P, what they are using it for, and where they are accessing the capabilities. Attendees leave with insights they can apply at their own organizations.
David Henshaw
Vice President, Senior Manager Product Management, Bank of the West
Ken Alan Myhra
Senior Virtual Banking Manager, BECU
Whitney Stewart
SVP, ePayments, Fiserv
Lamont A. Young
Executive Vice President, Head of Digital, Head of Multi-Channel Marketing, Citizens Bank

The Evolution of Open Standards for Payments Security

Payments Evolution | Intermediate
Are the fundamental payments system architectures adequate as the payments world continues its path supporting increased transaction volumes in the online and mobile environments? Patchwork improvements such as PCI, EMV, tokenization and other techniques are not keeping up with the needs of today or tomorrow. The solution lies in the adoption of an open industry standard for payment security that supports multiple environments and payment use cases, particularly ACH, wires, Card-Not-Present, mobile wallets, and more. In this session, attendees learn about the latest efforts to implement an open secure payment framework that is designed to foster innovation, encourage competition, and promote commoditization.
Roger Applewhite
Senior Vice President, MagTek; Chief Operating Officer, Magensa LLC, MagTek, Inc.
Maria T. Arminio
President & CEO, Avenue B Consulting, Inc.

Traditional Disruption: The Synergistic Relationship Between Conventional & Emerging Payments

Payments Evolution | Intermediate
Financial institutions and traditional payment companies have been scrambling to update their businesses to accommodate millennial customers and compete with newer payment startups. But instead of trying to beat the new competition, could there be opportunities for mutual growth? During this session, panelists discuss the current landscape of payments technologies, the obstacles faced by both traditional and emerging products, and identify areas where they can work together to improve the overall market.
Peter A. Davey, AAP
VP, Payment Innovation, The Clearing House
Moderator: Joseph Proto
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Transactis, Inc.
Colleen J. Taylor, CCM, NASD
Executive Vice President New Payments Business, North America, MasterCard
Christopher Ward, CCM
EVP, Head of Treasury Management Product Management, PNC Bank

Will Real-Time Payments Displace Bulk

Payments Evolution | Advanced
Several questions about real-time payments remain unanswered. What impact they will have on how non-cash payments are made? How they are expected to evolve in geographies where real-time is new? This session discusses how real time affected post-adoption volumes in several countries, and what we expect to happen in the U.S. and SEPA. Will real time compete with Same Day ACH in the U.S.? Attend this session to find out, as well as learn what you need to be aware of when crafting a strategy to implement real-time payments.
R. Andrew Gomez
Research Manager, Lipis Advisors

Session details are subject to change.