Payments Evolution Track

Payments Evolution Track

These sessions focus on the topics that threaten to disrupt the status quo, elicit controversy and provoke debate in the industry.

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MONDAY, APRIL 30, 2018


Payments Evolution | Intermediate
10:00 AM-10:50 AM | Room 2

Attendees learn insights into the evolution of payment networks and directories/other electronic payment programs, supplier onboarding progression, as well as how machine learning allows for continually improved results over time.

Lynne Herrman
Director, Paymode-X Product Management, Bottomline Technologies Inc.

Christina Wagner
Senior Director, Global Business Solutions, B2B Partnerships, Visa

Faster Payments Have Arrived: Now What?

Payments Evolution | Intermediate
10:00 AM-10:50 AM | Room 5A

The arrival of Same Day ACH, The Clearing House’s Real-time Payments network, Zelle, and other faster payments initiatives are being evaluated by financial institutions, corporates and consumers. Participants in this session gain an understanding of the various faster payments initiatives and how they can benefit your organization.

Carl Slabicki, AAP, CTP
Director, Product Line Manager, BNY Mellon

Open Banking API's: An Opportunity to Regain Control

Payments Evolution | Advanced
11:10 AM-12:00 PM | Room 2

In this session, the audience learns about Open Banking APIs – what they are and why this technology matters. The panel debates the probability, desirability and potential benefits of such technology should it be implemented more widely throughout the U.S. banking system.

Peter Gordon
Vice President, Product Development and Innovation, Mastercard

Bruce Parker
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Modo

Rene Pelegero
President, RPGC, Inc.

Beating Disruptors at Their Own Game: Putting the Customer First

Payments Evolution | Advanced
11:10 AM-12:00 PM | Room 8

In the world of the sharing economy, data monetization, digital identity and customer choice, what are the implications to the financial services industry? What do financial institutions have to do to compete with fintechs and other disruptors? Attend this session to discover the threats and the opportunities.

Peter A. Davey, AAP
Vice President, Payment Innovation, The Clearing House

Benjamin Isaacson
General Manager of Payments, Cross River Bank

Christopher Ward, CCM
Executive Vice President, Head of Treasury Management Product Management, PNC Bank

Moderated by: Mihail Duta
Head of Product Management, Americas Payments Solutions, Finastra

Around the World in 10 Seconds: Globalizations Impact on Digital & Real-Time Payments

Payments Evolution | Intermediate
1:15 PM-2:05 PM | Room 8

Along with evaluating the risks inherent in the speed and global focus of real-time payments, great strides have been made to render solutions and integration easier than ever. Hear from practitioners as they review the historic shift to embracing speed, the importance of risk-averse processes, and how regulatory, political and socioeconomic changes – such as Basel III and Brexit – may impact your strategy.

Alan S. Koenigsberg
Chief Revenue Officer, Traxpay

Rene Pelegero
President, RPGC, Inc.

Moderated by: Steven E. Bernstein
Executive Director, ACH, Global ACH Marketing & Product, J.P. Morgan

The B2B Payments Landscape: Is it Evolving or Stalling?

Payments Evolution | Intermediate
4:40 PM-5:30 PM | Room 2

Have businesses really embraced the transformation of the B2B payments landscape enough to continue its evolution, or is momentum stalling? What types of industry disruptors are looming and who will benefit the most? Gain insights into the latest digital payments solutions from the perspectives of both buyers and sellers.

Lucy Diasio
Group Product Manager, U.S. Bank

Brian Guess, AAP
Senior Vice President, Commercial Payables Team Lead, Key Bank

Stephanie Uhl, CTP
Assistant Treasurer, Forest City Realty Trust, Inc.

The (R)evolution of Electronic Banking

Payments Evolution | Intermediate
4:40 PM-5:30 PM | Room 7B

Electronic banking technology has undergone major changes over the past decades. Yet users continue to demand better usability and more features and functionality from their service providers. This session explores the latest technology solutions that are impacting the development of electronic banking and delivery.

Christine Barry
Research Director, Aite Group

Michelle A. Palombo, AAP, CTP
Managing Director, Global Client Access, BNY Mellon


TUESDAY, MAY 1, 2018


Payments Evolution | Advanced
10:15 AM-11:05 AM | Room 2

Learn how one organization approached Robotics Process Automation (RPA) within and the best practices they found to help you with your own transformation journey.

Karen Buck
Executive Vice President, Commercial, Retail and Payment Operations, TD Bank N.A.

Richard W. Burke, Jr. CCM
Head, Corporate Products and Services, TD Bank N.A.

Douglas Mester
Client Executive, IBM

Traditional Disruption: The Synergistic Relationship Between Conventional & Emerging Payments

Payments Evolution | Intermediate
10:15 AM-11:05 AM | Room 3

Financial institutions and traditional payment companies have been scrambling to update their businesses to accommodate millennial customers and compete with newer payment startups. This session identifies the strengths and obstacles of various payments solutions, and identifies the opportunities between traditional and emerging payments.

Peter A. Davey, AAP
Vice President, Payment Innovation, The Clearing House

Lisa Hrabosky
Director, Global Core Payments, Paypal Inc.

Ronald Schultz
Senior Vice President, Product Management, Mastercard

Christopher Ward, CCM
Executive Vice President, Head of Treasury Management Product Management, PNC Bank

Moderated by: Joseph Proto
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Transactis, Inc.

The Current Outlook on P2P Payments

Payments Evolution | Intermediate
11:20 AM-12:10 PM | Room 5B

The last 18 months have seen major shifts in P2P with the launch of new services and new alliances. New research and first-person insights shed light on why P2P payments are trending among consumers.

David Henshaw
Vice President, Senior Manager Product Management, Bank of the West

Ken Alan Myhra
Senior Virtual Banking Manager, BECU

Whitney Stewart
Senior Vice President, ePayments, Fiserv

Global API Standardization: Driving Innovation and New Operating Efficiency

Payments Evolution | Intermediate
11:20 AM-12:10 PM | Room 7A

Countries around the world are in different stages on their API implementation paths. Those who have engaged industry stakeholders to work together towards API standardization have a unique story to tell. Be enlightened by how Canada, South Africa and the U.S. have brought stakeholders together in a proactive way in this fast-changing API environment.

Janet O. Estep
President and CEO, NACHA-The Electronic Payments Association


Sue Hutchison
Chief Commercial Officer, Payments Canada


Steve Wiggins
Chief Executive, Payments NZ Limited


Moderated by: Walter Volker

Chief Executive Officer, Payments Association of South Africa

Crossing the Border: Driving Innovation With Efficiency

Payments Evolution | Intermediate
2:30 PM-3:20 PM | Room 2

Emerging models and frameworks promising to improve processes, costs, and the customer experience will dramatically change the world of cross-border payments. This session addresses the drivers and trends affecting the cross-border payments ecosystem, and how new solutions lay the groundwork for innovation and stronger customer relationships.

Patricia Hines, CTP
Senior Analyst, Corporate Banking, Celent

Joseph Stark
Head of Americas, Earthport 

Navigating the Future of Artificial Intelligence: How to Prioritize Innovative Payment Technologies

Payments Evolution | Advanced
2:30 PM-3:20 PM | Room 5A

This session focuses on how artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the payments landscape. Attendees discuss the pros and cons of new tools and prioritize which technologies will contribute to faster, timelier and more efficient payments.

Alexis Blackstead
Vice President, Electronic Payments, Western Union

Canada Payments Modernization: What’s Happening North of the Border?

Payments Evolution | Intermediate
4:35 PM-5:25 PM | Room 3

Canada’s payments modernization program is a multi-year initiative designed to create fast, flexible and secure payments system while setting the stage for greater innovation. Attend this session to learn about this initiative, why it is happening , and what it will deliver for you and your clients.

Andrew McFarlane
Senior Manager, Financial Services Consulting, Accenture

Aaron Semel
Product Manager, Electronic Payments, J.P. Morgan

Sue Whitney
Head of Industry Relations, Payments Canada

Moderated by: Amy Altersohn
Executive Director, J.P. Morgan


Payments Evolution | Intermediate
4:35 PM-5:25 PM | Room 5B

This session sets the stage for payments modernization activities happening in North America and explains how financial institutions can utilize these new capabilities to achieve their goals and meet customer needs.

Sayantan Chakraborty
Head of Product, Global Treasury Management, U.S. Bank

Howard Forman
SVP, Online Treasury Management Solutions, PNC Bank

Troy Hagey
Managing Director, Financial Services, KPMG LLP

Lisa Lansdowne-Higgins
VP Business, Deposits and Treasury Solutions, Royal Bank of Canada

The Case for Real-Time Payments in Bill Pay Scenarios

Payments Evolution | Intermediate
4:35 PM-5:25 PM | Room 7B

Effective bill presentment and payment solutions that solve for both real time payments and recurring billing needs in a single platform provide great efficiencies. In this session we explore various use cases for real time bill payments and how to manage the risks associated with those use cases.

Kylie Keyzer
Vice President, Global Product Management Manager, Wells Fargo

Bill Morrison
Chief Product Officer, Transactis, Inc.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Building your Financial Institution's Payment Strategy

Payments Evolution | Intermediate
8:00 AM-8:50 AM | Room 1B

This session provides a comprehensive view of the payments landscape, including developing technologies. Learn how to develop an actionable plan that leads to an effective payments strategy in an ever-changing industry.

Julie Hanson
Senior Vice President, Card & Payment Products, ICBA Bancard, Inc. & TCM Bank, N.A.

The Evolution of Open Standards for Payments Security

Payments Evolution | Intermediate
8:00 AM-8:50 AM | Room 2

PCI, EMV, tokenization and other techniques are patchwork improvements to payments security. This session discusses how an open industry standard for payments security may be the solution to foster innovation, encourage competition, and promote commodization.

Roger Applewhite
Senior Vice President, MagTek; Chief Operating Officer, Magensa LLC, MagTek, Inc.

Maria T. Arminio
President & CEO, Avenue B Consulting, Inc.

Will Real-Time Payments Displace Bulk?

Payments Evolution | Advanced
9:05 AM-9:55 AM | Room 5A

Gain a deeper understanding of how real-time payments and other non-cash payment methods will change payment flows in major markets, such as SEPA and the U.S. Attend this session to consider recommendations on how major stakeholder groups should prepare for the launch of real time.

R. Andrew Gomez
Research Manager, Lipis Advisors

B2B Directory: An Electronic Payment Enabler

Payments Evolution | Intermediate
10:10 AM-11:00 AM | Room 1B

The Business Payments Directory Association provides an update on the progress toward launching a B2B payments directory. Session participants receive an overview of the directory approach, outline of the features in the new directory service, and next steps toward development and launch of the directory service.

Lawrence F. Buettner
Senior Vice President, Innovation, WAUSAU Financial Systems - a Deluxe Company

AJ Nathan
Discover Financial Services, Inc.

George Throckmorton
Managing Director, Strategic Initiatives and Network Development, NACHA - The Electronic Payments Association


Session details are subject to change.