Kevin O'Brien Award Winners

The Kevin O'Brien ACH
Network Award

Named in honor of the late Kevin O'Brien, NACHA's 1999-2000 chair, the award recognizes best practices in ACH participant's efforts to innovate or improve ACH services and/or the integrity, reliability and environmental benefits of the ACH Network through strategic initiatives and projects. Recipients were recognized for their achievements at PAYMENTS during the Payments System Awards Luncheon held in their honor. Any private or public sector Originator or Receiver, depository financial institution, third-party service provider, processor, solution provider or ACH Operator was eligible to receive the Award for its quality improvement initiatives. Eligible initiatives include any ACH-related program, project, practice or procedure that improves services, reduces exceptions, minimizes risk or streamlines processing.

Established in 2001, the award recognized 24 innovative efforts from various organizations and leaders over the course of its existence. With the changing payments landscape, the NACHA Payments System Awards have continued to evolve and the Award was retired in 2016, replaced by the NACHA Excellence in Payments Award.

Past Recipients