Faster Payments Experience Education

Faster Payments Experience Education

Sessions and solutions that focus on real-time, same-day and other faster payments initiatives.

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#KillTheCheck: The Rise of Push Payments

Faster Payments Experience | Intermediate
Consumers demands are simple: they want safe to spend, irreversible funds in the account of their choosing, and they want those funds there instantly.In other words, they want access to push payments. Attend this session to learn the basics of the technology, current and future use cases, the state of adoption within various industries,and best practices for deployment. The process is a debit transaction in reverse, so the payment rails exist today and component technologies are proven. Further, there is no need for consumers to memorize routing numbers or open new accounts. Learn how companies adopting push payment capabilities can realize significant cost savings, streamline administrative operations, enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, and positively impact corporate reputation.
Cecilia Frew
SVP, Head of U.S. Push Payments, Visa Inc.
Drew Edwards
Chief Executive Officer, InGo Money, Inc.

Bringing Real-Time Payments to Life

Faster Payments Experience | Intermediate
Consumers are living in the era of immediacy. Whether communicating, interacting through social media, shopping or managing their finances, people expect these interactions to happen in real-time. Financial institutions have joined forces to bring immediacy to consumer’s financial lives. In this sessions, representatives discuss their efforts to bring real-time payments to life.
Lou Anne Alexander
Chief Market Development Officer, Early Warning

Exploring the Charted Territories of Real-time Payments: What Maturing Markets Reveal

Faster Payments Experience | Advanced
Not only does the UK real-time market continue to evolve, it also has changed the competitive landscape as smaller institutions pursue opportunities to win new business. Data from the maturing, UK faster payments market can be helpful in forecasting volume and market adoption expectations in similar developed regions like the rest of Europe and the United States. This session reveals the kinds of real-time innovations that have been at the center of the UK's market demand and offers practical guidance for realizing similar gains at your institution.
Jim Wadsworth
UK Product Director, VocaLink
Dean Wallace
Solution Consultant Practice Lead, ACI Worldwide

Faster Payments, Mobile Wallets...What is Taking Sooo Long?

Faster Payments Experience | Intermediate
In this session, speakers will highlight trends and insights based on ongoing tracking research covering more than 10 years of consumer and business payments activity, and provide a detailed roadmap for integrating new technology solutions. Attend this session to learn about specific segments of the industry at risk for dislocation and how various industry players can defend their turf by speeding up adoption and rolling out new solutions.
Leon Majors, III
Senior Vice President, Phoenix Marketing International
Stephen Mott
Principal, BetterBuyDesign

Faster Payments: Implementation Considerations for Corporates in a Large Global Context

Faster Payments Experience | Intermediate
The corporate cash management market is changing and moving towards real-time payments, but what does this mean for corporate treasury? Real-time payment instruments can be an attractive proposition for corporations because they provide the ability to pay a supplier in real time so that the supplier will release the delivery of goods sooner, or allow an insurance company to pay an insurance claim faster, which could improve customer service.  It will also help treasurers better track cash positions in real-time. This session addresses the challenges, benefits and perspectives from a corporate and a financial institution’s perspective.
Luc Belpaire
Product Director, Payments, FIS
Rene Schuurman
Product Manager, Citibank N.A.
Ken Shuyama
VP, International Treasury, FIS

How to Achieve Real-Time Mobile ACH Credit Push Payments

Faster Payments Experience | Advanced
Speakers in this session provide a visual overview of how to enable real-time payments that come with guaranteed good funds using a credit push and ACH, solving many of the inherent problems with card network and decoupled debit payments. The solution provides a real-time, safe, secure and cost-effective credit push payments using ACH for settlement and are applicable to a wide variety of payments. Participants will see a live demonstration completing an online payment. Hear from one credit union that has been providing its members real time mobile ACH credit push payments through their mobile banking app since April of 2016 as the panelists share real world experience and feedback from members and local merchants as to their first hand experience offering their membership and local merchants a faster payments experience.
Tim Ferrio
Vice President, eServices, Team One Credit Union
Scott Moeller
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, mSHIFT, Inc.
Jacqueline Snell
Vice President Strategic Initiatives, mSHIFT, Inc.

Increase Disbursements Efficiency for your Treasury Partners
Faster Payments Experience | Advanced
The payments landscape is quickly evolving. For corporate and government disbursements, digital payments are more secure than cash or checks, less expensive than issuing checks, and more convenient for the end user. Find out how treasury services can ensure efficiency while also managing risk associated with faster payments. Learn how faster payments ans risk management align to provide safer, more efficient disbursements for corporate customers through real-life examples and results.
Eric Foust
Director, Market Solutions, Early Warning
Ryan Riveland
Director, Market Solutions, Payments, Early Warning

Lessons Learned from Real-Time Payments Early Adopters

Faster Payments Experience | Intermediate
Upon successful launch of the new The Clearing House's  Real-Time Payments network, a group of early adopter financial institutions discuss the lessons learned, including customer feedback.
Jim Colassano
SVP, Product Development & Strategy, The Clearing House
Laura J. Listwan, AAP, CTP
Senior Vice President, U.S. Bank
Rita Rafalovsky
Vice President, Real Time Payments Product Owner, PNC Bank
Carl Slabicki, AAP, CTP
Vice President, Senior Product Manager, BNY Mellon

Making the Leap: Developing and Implementing your Faster Payments Strategy

Faster Payments Experience | Intermediate
The payments industry is in the midst of disruptive innovation. For corporate practitioners, the journey towards faster payments is one that has to be deliberate, appropriately timed and must add business value. Speakers provide a brief overview of the faster payments industry initiatives before leveraging a real-life case study to walk through a framework for building and gradually executing on a modern payments strategy tailored for your unique business needs.
Yinka Adeyemi, CPA, CGMA
Director of Finance, Musco Family Olive Co.
Thara Trivedi
Head of Commercial Banking Payables, Bank of the West

Real-World Real Time: Delivering Faster Payments with Zelle & RTP

Faster Payments Experience | Intermediate
Faster payments are now a reality, and consumers and businesses across the U.S. are experiencing the speed, efficiency and convenience of real-time payments. Financial institutions are using Early Warning's Zelle and The Clearing House's Real-Time Payments to deliver a full range of innovative payments services. Speakers provide an update on how financial institutions are using Zelle and RTP, while a financial institution that uses both platforms explains its strategy to provide real-time payments across use cases and client segments.
Steve Ledford
SVP, Product & Strategy, The Clearing House
Peter Tapling
Chief Revenue Officer, Early Warning

Transferring Business to Faster Payments

Faster Payments Experience | Intermediate
Learn the facts about faster payments from a case study about the B2C payments adoption of Zelle, including business case criteria, implementation and launch metrics. Attendees gain practical ideas on how to evaluate the faster payments landscape, as well as how to implement related payments options in their business.
Andrew Stephen Boyajian
Banking & Product, TransferWise Ltd.
Michelle Ziolkowski, CTP
SVP, ACH Group Product Manager, Wells Fargo

Update on the U.S. Path to Real-Time Payments

Faster Payments Experience | Intermediate
The Faster Payments Task Force recently published Final Report Part Two, which is was the culmination of two years of collaboration among 320 industry stakeholders from every corner of the payments world. The key focus of the report was to announce 10 recommendations that chart the course for making payments more real time and accessible to everyone in the U.S. by 2020. One of these recommendations called for the establishment of an Interim Collaboration Work Group (ICWG), inclusive of all stakeholder perspectives, to design the governance structure for the U.S. faster payments ecosystem. Join this session to be among the first to hear from the ICWG about their approach to this governance framework, which is designed to facilitate cross-solution payments, which achieve broad adoption, safety, integrity, trust, and interoperability.
Kevin J. Christensen, CISA, CRISC, CTGA
Senior Vice President, Market Intelligence & Data Analytics, SHAZAM, Inc.
Matthew R. Friend
Vice President, Head of Product Strategy & New Product Dev., Visa Inc.
Steve Ledford
SVP, Product & Strategy, The Clearing House
Sean Rodriguez
SVP, Faster Payments Strategy Leader, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Session details are subject to change.