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Faster Payments Experience Education

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Monday, April 24, 2017

ABCs of Faster Payments
9:15 AM-10 AM | Room: Faster Payments Zone
Faster Payments Experience | Fundamental
PAYMENTS 2017 is pleased to feature the Faster Payments Experience, a consummate educational opportunity encompassing sessions and solutions that focus on real-time, same-day and other faster payments initiatives. The Faster Payments Experience spans the breadth of the conference program, providing attendees with a complete and unparalleled examination of the rapidly emerging faster payments landscape. This level-setting session provides attendees the information they need to navigate the Faster Payments Experience sessions and events.
Joseph Casali, AAP, NCP
Senior Vice President, NEACH
Scott M. Lang, AAP
SVP, Association Services, NACHA - The Electronic Payments Association
Wendy Wishon, AAP, NCP
Senior Vice President, EPCOR

Why Corporate Customers Demand Faster Payments

10:15 AM-11:05 AM | Room 16A
Faster Payments Experience | Advanced
The case for businesses of all sizes needing fast and simple payments is quite compelling. While much of the discussion typically revolves around the cost of payments, the real value lies in the ability for businesses to reengineer the way they manage their cash flow and improve the way they interact with clients and suppliers. This session explores the drivers of demand for faster payments across all business segments, including the need for more flexible and precise cash flow management, improved STP and back-office efficiencies, alternatives to inefficient payment methods such as cash and checks, and how financial institutions can adapt to these changing demands.
Jim Colassano
SVP, Product Development & Strategy, The Clearing House
Charles Ellert
Head of Payments Strategy, Verizon
Carl Slabicki, AAP, CTP
VP, Senior Product Manager, BNY Mellon Treasury Services

Preparing for Same Day ACH Debits

10:15 AM-11:05 AM | Room 18BCD
Faster Payments Experience | Intermediate
Now that the first phase of Same Day ACH is up and running, what can we expect from Phase Two? In this session, speakers discuss potential use cases for Same Day ACH debits as well as other topics attendees need to consider before sending Same Day ACH debits, such as Same Day transaction dollar limits.
Douglas Bondick, AAP
AVP & ACH Global Product Manager, Wells Fargo
Jen Wasmund, AAP, CTP, NCP
VP, Education & Compliance, Upper Midwest ACH Association

Real-Time Disbursements & Your Treasury Customers

10:15 AM-11:05 AM | Room: Faster Payments Zone
Faster Payments Experience | Intermediate
Digital payment capabilities are improving customer experience and operational efficiencies for organizations of all sizes. Learn how corporates have innovated by offering real-time disbursements, and the resulting benefits for their customers and how one corporate is able to drive more electronic payments, reduce administrative and back-office costs, and minimize risk associated with having routing transit and account numbers.
Scott Bellomo
Senior Vice President, PNC Bank
Eric Foust
Director, Market Solutions, Early Warning

The Impact of Faster Payments on Companies' Working Capital Strategies

11:20 AM-12:10 PM | Room 16A
Faster Payments Experience | Advanced
Innovative payment technologies inspired by the Federal Reserve's Faster Payments initiative, as well as  new payment options like Same Day ACH, Zelle (FKA: clearXchange) and real-time payments (RTP) offer opportunities to quickly, efficiently and securely distribute and receive payments for businesses and consumers alike. With the potential redefinition of the way payments are made, it is important to critically think through the impact on a company's working capital strategy. Speakers discuss the benefits, as well as risks – and approaches to avoid them -- associated with process confusion, inefficient reconciliation, and payment fraud.  Participants come away with a plan to position their organization for success.
J. Dennis Humble
Director, Treasury Services, Humana, Inc.

Laura J. Listwan, AAP, CTP
Senior Vice President, U.S. Bank

Theresa Press
Project Manager, Cigna Corporation

Analyzing the Impact of Same Day ACH

11:20 AM-12:10 PM | Room 18BCD
Faster Payments Experience | Intermediate
The advent of Same Day ACH represents the most significant change in ACH processing in more than 40 years. Experts in this session analyze the effects of Same Day ACH, including its impact on deadlines, product offerings, ERP, returns, and more. Panelists also provide insight on client experiences and customer support topics, changing mindsets in a faster environment, managing risk and fraud and its impact on the speed of payment, and potential future enhancements desired by the industry.
Moderator: Steven E. Bernstein
Executive Director, ACH/ Global ACH Marketing/ Product, J.P. Morgan
Angela Grier
Second Vice President, Treasury & Accounts Payable, AFLAC

Tina Miller
Senior Department Leader, Edward Jones Investments

Rebecca L. Wagner, AAP
Senior Compliance Analyst, PAYCHEX, Inc.

Allstate Sends Real-Time Payments Over Card Rails

11:20 AM-12:10 PM | Room: Faster Payments Zone
Faster Payments Experience | Intermediate
Businesses can push payments such as insurance claims, rebates, and e-marketplace payouts to consumers through MasterCard Send and VISA Direct. Sent in near real time, these payments travel through established card rails straight to consumer bank accounts. Hear how Allstate is using these faster payments services to fund claimant’s bank accounts immediately in disaster situations as speakers walk through the transaction flow and user experience.
Lynn Cirrincione
Director, Treasury & Planning, Allstate Insurance Company
Christopher Huppert
Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo

Taking a Real-Time Approach to Fraud Prevention in Response to Same Day ACH While Generating Revenue

1:25 PM-2:15 PM | Room 16A
Faster Payments Experience | Intermediate
Fraud costs U.S. organizations seven percent of annual revenues, or $994 billion per year. With the advent of Same Day ACH, the financial industry should prepare for one of the side effects of faster payments: the reduced timeframe to detect and respond to fraudulent transactions. With Same Day ACH, traditional fraud prevention tactics will no longer be sufficient. Speakers address how institutions must shift their approach to fraud prevention in this accelerated environment. Financial institutions can leverage relevant technology -- such as actionable alerts, out-of-band authentication, and voice biometrics -- to ensure layered security and provide customers with real-time fraud prevention.
Denise K. DeRousse, AAP, CTP
Independent Consultant
Michael Dacko
SVP, Director of Treasury Management Product & Strategy, Associated Bank, N.A.
Deborah C. Peace, AAP
Chief Executive Officer, ACH Alert, LLC

Same Day Debits: Are You at Risk of Being Noncompliant?

1:25 PM-2:15 PM | Room 18BCD
Faster Payments Experience | Intermediate
Same Day ACH debits are right around the corner. If you are an ODFI, RDFI or Originator, this session is for you. Attendees learn from an operational and rule perspective as speakers discuss what they have learned since September 2016 with Same Day ACH credits and what areas should be addressed to ensure compliance when Same Day ACH debits are implemented later this year. From Settlement Date and authorizations to posting, this session ensures you understand and are ready to handle Same Day ACH debits from both the origination and receipt point of view.
Jordan M. Morell, AAP, NCP
Associate Director of Education Services, Upper Midwest ACH Association
Timothy Thorson, AAP, CTP
SVP & Manager, ACH Operations, Regions Financial Corporation

Together at Last...Blockchain & Same Day ACH: A Real Story

1:25 PM-2:15 PM | Room: Faster Payments Zone
Faster Payments Experience | Intermediate
Learn how Star One Credit Union managed to implement a new international payments mechanism capitalizing on blockchain technology and Same Day ACH. This case describes the journey of a Credit Union looking to make a difference for its members, and the courageous choices made, in the face of ever increasing compliance in the financial services industry. This is the first ever case of a real-life blockchain cross-border transaction from a Credit Union, Ripple and EZFOREX.
Ranay Allred, AAP, CAMS
Support Services Manager, Star One Credit Union
Nilesh Dusane
VP, Sales & Client Relations, Ripple
Jorge Jimenez
Chief Executive Officer,

Faster Payments & the New Risk Management Challenges

4:30 PM-5:30 PM | Room 16A
Faster Payments Experience | Intermediate
The trend toward faster payments has the potential to offer substantial benefits in terms of faster availability and more payment options for consumers, businesses and financial institutions. These benefits will also bring new risk management and fraud detection challenges. This session focuses on defining the new challenges and explaining how financial institutions, third parties and businesses can develop strategies to mitigate the new risks. Developing new risk management strategies will be critical as Federal bank regulatory agencies start to focus on the impact of faster payments on safety and soundness.
Jason R. Carone, AAP, CTP
Product Management, Silicon Valley Bank
Rajiv Donde
President, Laru Technologies
Elliott C. McEntee
President & CEO, Payment Advisory Service

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Corporate Perspectives: The Implications of Faster Payments in the Digital Experience

9:30 AM-10:20 AM | Room 17AB
Faster Payments Experience | Advanced
The promise of faster payments is much more than a speedier payments infrastructure. It offers businesses the ability to enhance the digital experience for customers and trading partners. This session highlights corporate perspectives on the strategic benefits of payment modernization. Presenters evaluate applicable use cases and the impact to existing transaction volume, and discuss leveraging faster payments as a method of reducing friction in the digital customer experience. Panelists also engage in dialogue about risk concerns and their ideas on how to mitigate potential fraud. Most importantly, panelists discuss opportunities to innovate as well as challenges and potential barriers to adoption.
Matthew C. Davies, AAP, CPP, CTP
Assistant Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Deborah Matthews Phillips, AAP
Managing Director, Payment Strategy, Jack Henry & Associates
Raymond C. Vines, CTP
Treasury Director, Dean Foods Company

Real-Time Payments: It’s Upon Us

9:30 AM-10:20 AM | Room 18BCD
Faster Payments Experience | Intermediate
With increasing pressure to push towards real-time, 24/7 availability, 2017 marks a year of major change for the U.S. payments landscape. Some financial institutions are testing systems and are ready to pave the way by offering innovative real-time payments products and services. Hear from a panel of industry experts to gain insights on how to obtain competitive advantage from this once-in-a lifetime paradigm shift.
Steve Ledford
SVP, Product & Strategy, The Clearing House
Gene Neyer
Head of Product Management, Global Transaction Banking Solutions, D+H
Paul Trozzo
SVP, Product Group Manager, PNC Bank
Laura Weinflash
VP, Product Management, Early Warning

How Request for Payment Changes the Way We Pay

11:20 AM-12:10 PM | Room 17AB
Faster Payments Experience | Intermediate
The real-time payments revolution brings significant opportunity for merchants and small businesses.  Accelerating funds availability and offering customers more payment options are just the beginning of the benefits.  But how will this work? Speakers examine the Request for Pay functionality of real-time payments and how this changes the way merchants and small businesses can accept payments.  Attendees come away with knowledge of the system preparations needed for introducing real-time payments and the changes resulting from this transition from batch to immediate processing.
Barry Kislingbury
Director, Solution Consulting, ACI Worldwide
Jim Mortimer
Head of International Propositions, VocaLink

Impact of Same Day ACH on Corporate Treasury

11:20 AM-12:10 PM | Room 18BCD
Faster Payments Experience | Intermediate
Same Day ACH starts a new wave of opportunities and the implementation of Same Day ACH credits has already demonstrated value in faster availability, faster notification on returns, and the ability to insure earlier reconciliation. It also came with a few surprises for some; corporate Treasurers seeing money sooner, more B2B payments taking advantage of the faster process.  With Same Day ACH Debits on the horizon for 2017, panelists examine the impact on corporate treasury processes: cash forecasting, cash flow, liquidity management, reconciliation, vendor payments and the overall financial planning for the organization. What else do we need to know and do? Understand how Same Day ACH can benefit the corporate treasury area, and what is needed to prepare for originating and receiving Same Day ACH debits.
Mary Ann Francis
Executive Business Advisor, Global Treasury, Payments & Blockchain Solutions, Wipro LTD
Gene Neyer 
Head of Product Management, Global Transaction Banking Solutions, D+H
Keith Riddle 
EVP, Enterprise Solutions Development, Corporate One Federal Credit Union
Julie Walker 
Senior Treasury Analyst and Card & Payments Specialist, Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI)

Same Day, Real Time, ISO 20022: What Corporates Think

11:20 AM-12:10 PM | Room: Faster Payments Zone
Faster Payments Experience | Intermediate
Same Day ACH, real-time payments, and ISO 20022 are just some of the initiatives in the works affecting payments. What does it mean for corporates? Same Day ACH rolled out in September. Real-time payments are coming fast. ISO 20022 is already in use or under consideration around the world and at some global U.S. companies, while the U.S. wire world is marching toward its use. Will these capabilities help you make smarter payment decisions or just be faster? How might they affect your operations? Will they provide cost savings in the short term? How should you prepare and evaluate? Hear from three corporates that have asked themselves the same questions and what their takes are on what it all means.
Moderator: Sharon Jablon, AAP
Product Specialist, The Clearing House
Frank D'Amadeo
Assistant Treasurer, Consolidated Edison NY, Con Edison
Theresa Press
Project Manager, Cigna Corporation
Jeff Sesar
Co-Chairman, Zenith Information Systems, Inc.

Preventing Fraud within Instant Payments

2:30 PM-3:30 PM | Room 17AB
Faster Payments Experience | Advanced
When bank-to-bank financial transactions are accelerated to minutes and even seconds, they become vulnerable to attacks from the card and mobile payments fraud types. In this session, speakers discuss the value of real-time profiling of transactions, which assesses fraud risk in milliseconds so fraudulent transactions can be declined before they are credited. This is achieved through next generation cognitive computing, which combines artificial intelligence and human expertise for the detection of the actual fraud patterns. This solution has been the first fraud prevention system used with the UK faster payment system, and recently selected by the largest European ACH provider.
Constantin von Altrock
Co-founder, Iris Analytics & Director, IBM Safer Payments, IBM
Co-presenter to be announced

Same Day ACH: Keeping Consumer & Corporate Customers Up to Speed

2:30 PM-3:30 PM | Room 18BCD
Faster Payments Experience | Intermediate
Do your consumer and corporate customers know about Same Day ACH? Have you been keeping them abreast of this enhancement to the ACH Network? Has there been enough education provided to them addressing the benefits of a Same Day ACH service? As the industry prepares to usher in the addition of same-day debits, speakers provide details and perspectives on why properly educating your customers is so important, how to address their potential fears and how they kept customers up-to-date during the entire Phase 1 implementation process. Leave this session with strategies your organization can utilize to assist in educating your customers on the benefits of Same Day ACH as the introduction of debits approaches.
Carl Magnus Carlsson
Manager, Treasury & Payments, Association for Financial Professionals
Charles Ellert
Head of Payments Strategy, Verizon
Tristan Thompson
VP, Payments Group Manager, Bank Product & Services, UMB Bank, N.A.

Same Day ACH Phase I: Payroll Providers’ Business Case

4:30 PM-5:30 PM | Room 17AB
Faster Payments Experience | Intermediate
Two payroll providers – a large national provider and a regional provider – address the benefits of Same Day ACH credit origination for the payroll business, best practices on how both went about analyzing if this was a service they would provide, changes to their internal processes, and how they positioned this service to their customers. Panelists also discuss lessons learned and other Same Day ACH use cases they identified that helped in their decision to originate.
Michelle Fantanza
ENS Centralized Support Manager, PAYCHEX, Inc.
Cristina Hellems, AAP
Senior Product Manager, MUFG Union Bank
Bettye Smith
CEO, Payroll People, Inc.
Curtis Tatum, Esq.
Senior Manager, Payroll Information Resources, American Payroll Association

Will Faster Payments Translate into Faster Fraud?

4:30 PM-5:30 PM | Room 18BCD
Faster Payments Experience | Advanced
As the ACH Network moves toward faster payments where both the transaction flow and the settlement are accelerated, there may be greater temporal risk to the ODFI and the originating company, or in the case of some P2P applications, the originating consumer. Real-time payments require real-time risk management and security solutions. Speakers review how the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) is educating the industry about new cyberthreats to the payments system and how financial institutions and their customers can take steps to minimize any risks associated with faster payments.
Trace Fooshee
VP, Fraud Strategy, SunTrust Bank
William B. Nelson, CCM
President & CEO, FS-ISAC

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Complying to Capitalizing

8:00 AM-9:15 AM | Room 17AB
Faster Payments Experience | Intermediate
Financial institutions have been rigorously working over the past two years to implement and support Same Day ACH. However, in their quest to update systems to comply with the rule, train staff and prepare customers, they may have missed a huge opportunity to turn what was possibly considered a burden and revenue risk into a business opportunity. In this case study discussion, speakers dive into ways that financial institutions are aiming to capture value through new Same Day ACH products. They touch on several topics currently front of mind for treasury management providers, including product positioning, relative pricing structure and adoption expectations.
Laura Clary, AAP
Director, Product Strategy Management, Financial & Risk Management Solutions, Fiserv
Kathleen Shaw
Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations, Citizens Financial Group


Open & Instant - The Perfect Storm

9:30 AM-10:45 AM | Room 19A
Faster Payments Experience | Intermediate
As financial institutions around the world are grappling with increasing levels of compliance and unparalleled changes. Walls are being broken down by technology, behavior and regulation. New platforms emerge that disrupt tradition, simply because clients are ready for it and embrace it. FIs are giving their clients access to relevant services through their bank app stores for SME, corporate and consumer clients alike. Open API banking is firmly on the agenda and instant has become a way of life. Instant information, instant insight, instant access and gratification – the opportunity for financial services providers and their customers is huge. At the FI end however, this also means running a 24x7 service organization: instant settlement, instant updates to customer accounts and instant reconciliation. Session attendees come away with an understanding of why Open API banking and faster payments combined builds even more relevant business cases than in separate tracks and how you as a banker can optimize your investments in knowledge and funds.
Doug Gross
General Manager Americas, FIS

What Faster Payments Mean for Compliance

11:00 AM-12:00 PM | Room 17AB
Faster Payments Experience | Intermediate
Real-time payments will provide a plethora of benefits to the faster payments ecosystem. However, the regulatory burden of ensuring all payment transactions are compliant must still be addressed. Current screening solutions throw out false positives that need to be reviewed manually prior to clearing. The promise of real-time settlements significantly reduces the time frame for this review. Attend this session to gain a clear understanding of the regulatory compliance issues related to the deployment of real-time payments, proposed screening procedures that can be adopted by financial institutions to help minimize risk, and advances in technology that can reduce false positive matches.
Henry Balani
Global Head of Strategic Affairs, Accuity

Session details are subject to change.