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Faster Payments Center Stage

Solutions for delivering real-time payments are emerging every day. Moderated by Simon Hobbs who spent 18 years as the co-anchor of CNBC’s "Squawk on the Street" and the Europe Market Close, this showcase features fast, high-energy pitches from five innovative solution providers that have developed next-generation products that are changing the face of payments and driving the industry forward.

Schedule of Presentations

 Company  Time
 The Clearing House  8:03 - 8:15 AM
 Dovetail  8:17 - 8:29 AM
 Fiserv  8:31 - 8:43 AM
 Intercomputer  8:45 - 8:57 AM
 SHAZAM  8:59 - 9:11 AM
Simon Hobbs

Moderated by Simon Hobbs


The presenters and their solutions are:

The Clearing House — Real-Time Payments

The Clearing House is building new U.S. industry infrastructure, Real-Time Payments (RTP), to clear and settle payments immediately. In addition to speed and certainty, RTP delivers capabilities that U.S. financial institutions and third-party service providers can use to create innovative digital transaction services for their customers.

Dovetail—Real-Time Payments

Real-time payments are a key component of the digital transformation imperative challenging banks today.  To be competitive, banks must face the dual challenge of improving the payment experience offered and reducing costs.  Dovetail’s real-time payment proposition helps banks modernize their payments capabilities and address both those challenges.


Fiserv —ZelleSM: Turnkey Deployment

Consumers seek faster, safer and more convenient payment options. Delivering the first turnkey version of ZelleSM, Fiserv simplifies real-time P2P payments for financial institutions of all sizes. Hear how Zelle Turnkey from Fiserv allows you to deliver the P2P payments experience that’s in step with the way people live and work today.

InterComputer—PrivateLine™ Payments

Real-time payments cannot deliver significant benefits without a secure messaging “channel”. People should not have to think about cybersecurity when making payments. The WWW is both unsecure and unsecurable. InterComputer’s PrivateLine™ delivers an intuitive user experience via a non-web Internet channel using hyper-secure technology that is fully insured against cybercrime.

The SHAZAM Network — Shared Success

SHAZAM's solution leverages the existing payments system and includes enhancements for rapid realization of all faster payments criteria. SHAZAM offers continued innovation in access devices, form factors, and delivery channels for universal access. The proposal also provides a governance framework that’s critical for ensuring payments system collaboration, inclusivity, and interoperability.