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Corporate Learning Center

Monday, May 6, 2019

Leaving Paper Payments Behind: Tips from the Corporate Perspective

Corporate & End-User Perspectives
1:00 PM-1:50 PM

With billions of paper checks continuing to be issued in the U.S. each year, corporates are looking for innovative, cost-effective, secure and creative ways to “shred” the number of paper payments within their own organizations. Join speakers for a unique opportunity to hear ideas, hits and misses from two organizations leading efforts in developing a means to reduce the burden of paper in their payables and receivables processes.

Questions answered by this session:
1. Is there an instant cure for the paper blues?
2. How can modernization efforts in the industry assist you in developing a smarter payments initiative in your own organization?

EdaBeth Brown
Assistant Vice President, AT&T

Steven DeLutri
VP/MD & Assistant Treasurer, OneMain Financial

Julie Offen
Vice President, J.P. Morgan

Tuesday, May 7, 2019


Disruptive Ideas & Technologies
9:45 AM – 10:45 AM

APIs have become a hot topic in payments around the world as an enabler for new product development and open banking. Global markets are embracing change using APIs as the gateway for third parties to access bank account information and payment details to level the competitive playing field. This panel discussion  explores the landscape of APIs and what they mean for the U.S. financial services market. Learn about practical examples of APIs in action, the keys to success with APIs, and how they are moving up the value chain to enable richer solutions and improved client experiences.

Questions answered by this session:
1. What is the current API landscape?
2. What are some key factors and effective strategies for API implementation?

Millicent Calinog
Senior Vice President, API Product Management, Wells Fargo

Stacy Rosenthal
SVP, Head of Payments, Santander Bank

Moderated by: Nasreen Quibria
Senior Advisor, Innovation & Technology, NACHA

How American Greetings Used AI to Move to Electronic Formats

Corporate & End-User Perspectives
10:45 AM-11:35 AM

American Greetings receives more than 66,000 payments per year, with an average of 160 lines per remittance. This huge volume dragged down their systems with slow response time and increased reporting issues. To add to the complexity, their business model offers highly customized pricing and discounting options for customers, creating high probabilities for payment variances. Using technology driven by artificial intelligence, American Greetings has moved more customers to electronic formats and automated their cash application operations to achieve invoice matching in excess of more than 95 percent straight-through processing. Learn from their experiences and share your own in this interactive session.

Questions answered by this session:
1. How can AI quickly and accurately process large volumes of complex invoices with many deductions? 
2. Can invoice matching in excess of 95+ percent straight-through processing?

Lauren Kennedy
Financial Services, American Greetings

The Impact of IVR on Call Center Volumes

Corporate & End-User Perspectives
2:00 PM-2:50 PM 

Customer service can make or break a company’s success, so it comes as no surprise that it is an important focus for every growing business. Axia, an independent physician practice, was experiencing issues with the volume of inquiries to its call center. Learn how it implemented an electronic billing and payment system along with an interactive voice response (IVR) service  to redirect calls related to making payments from the call center to the automated system.

Questions answered by this session:
1. What is the value of a multichannel offering to get customers to view and pay bills
2. What has been the positive impact of a quality IVR on call center resources?

Colleen Bell
Revenue Cycle Manager, Axia Women's Health

Kari Rolph
Vice President, Relationship Management, Transactis

Michelle Warfel
Vice President, Treasury Management Sales Officer, TD Bank

Modern Techniques to Digitize A/R & A/P

Corporate & End-User Perspectives
3:05 PM-3:55 PM

While many organizations struggle to keep pace with digital payment innovation, others are reinventing their customer experience and improving their bottom line by leveraging emerging digital solutions across accounts payables (A/P) and receivables (A/R). In this session, speakers explore the latest emerging trends and innovations, and share firsthand experiences of how one of the world’s largest multinational insurance corporations is enhancing their client experience, managing cyber risk and improving their bottom line by leveraging digital solutions across their organization.

Questions answered by this session:
1. How have some organizations implemented digital tools to improve their AP & AR processes?
2. How can emerging digital trends such as AI and Machine Learning impact your organization?

Tom Lenahan
Assistant Director - Treasury, AIG

Andrew Stache, AAP
Executive Director – Payables & Receivables Digital Channels, J.P. Morgan

Innovation Hub

Monday, May 6

12:15 PM-12:45 PM

ACH Network Challenge Finalist Presentations

3:05 PM-3:20 PM

From Unification to Collaboration: What’s the Story?

Payment hubs aimed to bring value by unifying payment processing across disparate payment silos, reducing costs, improving control and creating value from synergies. It has now been more than 10 years. Come and see if the promises have been kept, and explore how relevant this approach is to a payments world that is data driven, open, real-time and under more cost pressure than ever before. Find out how a new generation of payment platforms can help you respond to the challenges of today and tomorrow!

Gene Neyer
Executive Advisor, Icon Solutions

3:25 PM-3:40 PM

The Formula for Business Banking Growth: ACH Services and Simplified Risk Management

Managing risk while growing commercial accounts is not easy, but having the right technology helps. Discover the formula for growth and how to compete with larger FIs as Q2’s Brian Koenig offers insights and solutions for succeeding in the business banking space.

Brian Koenig, AAP
Product Owner, Q2

3:45 PM-4:00 PM

Leveraging Digital and Physical Identity to Combat Payments Fraud

LexisNexis® Identity and Fraud Platform - As CNP fraud continues to rise, come learn how LexisNexis’s Fraud and Identity platform provides a “one-stop” shop to reduce payments fraud.

Melissa Griffin
Solutions Consultant, ThreatMetrix

Tuesday, May 7

9:50 AM-10:05 AM

Same Day ACH & P2P Zelle Fraud Detection with Machine Learning

Guardian Analytics Faster Payments Fraud Detection with Machine Learning & Behavioral Analytics solution provides:
• Multi-channel behavioral-based fraud detection with a single-pane of glass
• Protects digital channels and payment rails such as ACH, Wire & Zelle P2P Real-time from fraudulent activities
• Integrated with all major banking platforms, it also provides policy-based real-time intervention to block, cancel or release the transactions


Eric Tran-Le
VP of Product Management, Guardian Analytics

Wendy Xue
Director of Product Management, Guardian Analytics

10:10 AM-10:25 AM

Hub Technology and Back Office Modernization

Putting in yet another system to handle the payment market disruptions coming your way will not reduce the headaches or complexity in your payments operations. The introduction of Real-time Payments from The Clearing House and the Federal Reserve’s move to ISO 20022 further solidify the key advantages of simplifying non-card payment processing.   During this session, Fiserv will demonstrate how its award winning Dovetail Payments Platform can drive modernization in the back office across multiple unique payment types, customer segments, and business use cases.

Kevin Peck
Enterprise Payments Solution Consultant, Fiserv

10:30 AM-10:45 AM

Superior Digital Cash Management: Showing FIs How to Deliver a Superior Digital Experience for Corporate & Business Banking Clients

CBX is white label digital banking platform, built for financial institutions to serve their commercial and mid-market client segments. Using AI and Machine learning, CBX analyzes trusted data from various sources, to extract insights and drive guided call to action, to help the financial institution's customers solve problems, while providing a superior user experience.

Dan Herman
Vice President, iGTB

Mike Rayfield
Senior Vice President, iGTB

4:00 PM-4:15 PM

“Finastra Labs Presents: The Automated Future of Exception Handling”

Manual repairs are a drag on your institution's bottom line - vendors have offered repair automation, but machine learning now promises to bring these automated repairs to the next level. Join us for a lightning round that will showcase the present state of exception handling automation, the promise of Open APIs, and a sneak peek into the Finastra Lab for a view into what the future holds for exception handling.

Daniel Bendersky
Director, Solutions Consulting, Finastra

Pierre Quemard
Innovation Lead, Finastra

Smarter. Faster. Payments Zone

Monday, May 6, 2019

Immediate Payments: More than Meets the Eye

Disruptive Ideas & Technologies
1:00 PM-1:50 PM 

Payment velocity is increasing more rapidly than ever before to meet evolving customer expectations. But faster is not always better. Learn to see through the buzz to ensure your payment strategy aligns with your specific business needs. Speakers share their views of the payments landscape and strategies for keeping customers at the forefront when evaluating which payment initiatives to pursue.

Questions answered by this session:
1. How can your organization capitalize on the ever-changing payments landscape?
2.What are some business practices to evaluate strategic payment initiatives?

Lynn Cirrincione
Director, Treasury & Planning, Allstate Insurance Company

Charles Ellert, PMP
Senior Manager, Payments Strategy & Systems, Verizon

Katja Lehr
Director Americas Bank Product, PayPal

Moderated by: Michelle Ziolkowski, CTP
Head of Global Payables, Wells Fargo

Creating Value for Clients: Pairing Innovative People with Innovative Payments

Disruptive Ideas & Technologies
2:05 PM-2:55 PM 

Both Same Day ACH and fintech relationships are changing the face of payments. Learn how integrating these leading edge capabilities allows financial institutions to provide innovative solutions to corporate clients. This session will discuss how the innovative product development and deployment approach of fintechs create value to banks and their customers, and how banks' experience with security, risk and compliance make them a valuable asset to fintech’s looking to bring innovation to market.  We explore how Same Day ACH becomes an additional tool that allows fintechs and their FI partners to extend new capabilities to make their offering more valuable to corporate end users.

Questions answered by this session:
1. How can FIs and fintechs cooperate and utilize each other’s strengths to enhance product offerings?
2. How can advances in payments provide additional value to customers and their clients?

David Boddy
VP of Snapsheet Transactions, Snapsheet

Megan Kakani
SVP, Head of Emerging Payments, KeyBank

Fiserv - Real Time Payments Make It Fast; Payment Hubs Make It Better

3:05 PM-3:55 PM 

Your payments business can be a foundation for competitive advantage – if you have a payments infrastructure that delivers fast, intelligent payment processing and connectivity across channel, payment types and clearing schemes. Learn how a payments hub helps provide flexibility when introducing faster payments into your current payments product suite. Hear how one bank has implemented RTP and their strategy for originating faster payments.

Jim Maimone
SVP, Senior Payment Hub Product Manager. Treasury Solutions, Citizens Commercial Bank

Robin LoGiudice
VP Enterprise Payments Solutions Consulting, Fiserv


Tuesday, May 7, 2019


Disruptive Ideas & Technologies
9:50 AM - 10:40 AM 

As the industry continues to evolve, how are small to midsize financial institutions adapting their strategies to cope with new trends and technologies? The Center for Payments, a joint program organized by 11 payments associations, surveyed over 700 payment systems participants from across the United States to determine their most pressing concerns and assess their intent and ability to adopt faster payments. 

Questions answered by this session:
1. What are the most pressing concerns surrounding faster payments? 
2. How can the Center for Payments assist financial institutions to prepare for faster payments? 

Sean Carter, AAP 
President & CEO, NEACH Payments Group

Brian Laverdure, AAP 
Director, Emerging Payments Education, EPCOR


Disruptive Ideas & Technologies
10:45 AM-11:35 AM

Better use of payments data has always been on the “to-do” list of treasurers and financial institutions alike. With the advent of digital services, open APIs. and cloud services, the industry now has an opportunity to collect, curate and analyze large sets of payments data. Open banking also allows payments data to connect treasury and finance to operations and commercial functions, repositioning treasury from processing to support P&L development. Attendees will receive a practical plan of how to migrate legacy systems  into the cloud.

Questions answered by this session:
1. How can machine-learning at scale can deliver value across operational, financial, commercial and risk lenses?
2. How can payments data be used as an asset and developed into a more commercially valuable asset

Sarah Billings
Senior Vice President, Head of Payment Strategy and Transformation, PNC Bank

Melissa Maheux
Regional Head of Financial Services - Google Cloud, Google

Ayeesha Sachedina
Director, Innovation, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Moderated by:Troy Hagey
Principal, Financial Services, KPMG


Disruptive Ideas & Technologies
2:00 PM-2:50 PM

AI-powered chatbots have forever changed how we interact with technology. Now that chatbots are so adept at completing tasks and users are more comfortable using them, the natural question is: What’s next? Businesses can use chatbots to streamline customer interactions while also mining conversational data to uncover meaningful, actionable intelligence. Experts invite attendees to discuss the future of chatbots, and explore how the landscape has changed in just one year.

Questions answered by this session:
1. Learn where chatbots are headed and explore advanced use cases that further elevate the customer experience.
2. Learn how to analyze and leverage conversational data to improve customer service and streamline operations.

Stuart Bain
SVP of Product Management, Alacriti

Jeff Pauly
Director, Product Solutions, Bank of America

Leveraging Data Analytics in an ACH File

3:05 PM-3:55 PM 

Learn about what hidden gems to look for in DDA transactions as you explore competitive trends and learn how leveraging data will help you navigate a changing landscape. In this session, you will learn how to capitalize on the data, and better understand the competitive trends and the tales they tell.

Questions answered by this session:
1. How can an institution leverage data to manage the risks of shrinking deposit and loan growth as interest rates increase?
2. How can an institution capitalize on the data to help understand the competitive trends?

Traci Berriman
Senior Director, Strategic Services, MACHA

Rob Heiser
President & CEO, Segmint

Mark Nelson
EVP, CIO, CIF, Horicon Bank

Product Demo - The Future of Payments

4:00 PM- 4:15 PM 

Come and learn how banking will look in the future, the changing role of banks and fintechs, and what you should expect from the modern banking experience.

Questions answered by this session:
1. What will new payments hub solutions look like in the future?
2. How will banks and fintechs collaborate to bring new payment solutions to their customers?

Brian Anderson
Vice President, Business Developement, SwapsTech

Booshan Rengachari
CEO & Founder, SwapsTech