Executive Series

Executive Series

These sessions are designed for senior executives to examine critical topics and engage in philosophical discussion.
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Collaboration in An Evolving Technological & Regulatory World

Executive Series | Advanced
How do financial institutions compete in an increasingly complex and uncertain world? The new administration has introduced requirements for regulatory change, but the details and implementation have yet to materialize. Couple that with the increase in Fintech companies in the payments space and you have a recipe for confusion. Can FIs compete in a Fintech world, particularly when there may be hidden risks associated with banking or partnering with Fintechs? Is it possible for FIs and Fintechs to be frenemies and move forward together to enhance offerings for business customers while complying with regulatory requirements? Attendees learn how FIs and Fintechs can operate most effectively as technology, risks and regulation continue evolving.
Jason R. Carone, AAP, CTP
Product Management, Silicon Valley Bank
Moderator: Jane Hennessy
Head of External Alliances, G2 Web Services, LLC
Colleen P. Lindow, CCM, CAMS
VP, Payments Risk & Compliance, Bill.com

Diversity & Inclusion: Benefits, Challenges & Implementation Strategies

Executive Series | Advanced
Discussions about diversity and inclusion dominate boardrooms across the globe. With prospective employees willing to move across oceans for the right job, understanding how to maintain a diversity and inclusion strategy that recruits and retains the top talent your organization needs is extremely important. This session provides attendees a forum to hear from panelists actively working to enhance their organization’s initiatives and policies regarding diversity and inclusion. They also share the benefits they’ve noticed since implementing a formal policy as well as any challenges encountered along the way.
Cassandra Gordon
VP, Funds Movement Group Manager, TD Bank, N.A.
Alan S. Koenigsberg
Chief Revenue Officer, TraxPay
Co-presenters to be announced

Examining the Future of Financial Services

Executive Series | Advanced
With the day-to-day swirl of annual goals, market competition and interest rate worries, it can be challenging to think ahead to what’s coming next, especially if it’s more than a few years down the line. Filene’s extensive analysis paints an overall optimistic picture, showing you what financial products and services consumers will use in 2025, which channels they will primarily use to access those products and services, how many financial institutions will be there and what the overall ecosystem that supports them will look like. The research also addresses what impact economic changes will have on payments and lending, the importance of upping your digital game and how big data plays a role. Attendees walk away from the session with a better understanding of what it takes to prepare for that not-so-distant future.
Erin Coleman
Senior Impact Director, Filene Research Institute

Fitting Faster Payments into Your Strategic Plan

Executive Series | Advanced
With payments innovation challenging operational issues, it is more important than ever for you to stay a competitive leader and offer the services your customers/members are looking for. Establishing a Strategic Plan includes the ability to increase your revenue while mitigating the risks involved with emerging innovation. This session provides information on forging the right path to the Faster Payments evolution.
Tina M. Giorgio, AAP
President & CEO, ICBA Bancard, Inc. & TCM Bank, N.A.
Nanci McKenzie, AAP
Director, Payments Risk & Compliance, ePayAdvisors