Executive Series

Executive Series

These sessions are designed for senior executives to examine critical topics and engage in philosophical discussion.

Debunking Real-Time Payments for Corporate Payments with Data and Experience

Disruptive Ideas & Technologies
As real-time payments for businesses have become a reality with The Clearing House’s RTP system, many financial institutions are still struggling with the details. Speakers review adoption trends and implementation plans to help FIs still deciding if they will use the RTP system for corporate payments. This session dives deeper into operational considerations for choosing a technology strategy and how FIs are planning to deal with new challenges that come with a 24/7 processing schedule. 

Questions answered by this session:
1. What are some considerations to keep in mind when building a business case to offer RTP?
2. How have the experiences been for one FI using RTP?

Erika Baumann
Senior Wholesale Banking Analyst, Aite Group
Carl Slabicki, AAP, CTP
Director and Product Line Manager for Immediate Payments, BNY Melon

Standards in Payments 

Disruptive Ideas & Technologies

The rise of proprietary technology in payments is steering the marketplace, discouraging competition, and quashing innovation. What needs to change to ensure competition and innovation flourish as technology evolves? The answer: standards in payments. As proprietary technology gains influence, the payments ecosystem becomes increasingly fractured, the customer experience is more confusing, and costs increase. Establishing a consistent framework results in payments that are more secure and fraud-resistant, while helping interoperability. Building a payments system based on standards ensures choice and flexibility, and fosters innovation and healthy competition. The end result? Reliable solutions for both financial institutions and their customers.

Questions answered by this session:
1. Who owns the technology and controls the way you pay?
2. How is technology changing the competitive landscape of payments in the U.S.?

Kevin Christensen
Senior Vice President, Market Intelligence & Data Analytics, SHAZAM Inc.

What is the Future of the ACH Network?

As change continues in the payments ecosystem, financial institutions are evaluating how they use the various payment rails, while developing strategies to rationalize and modernize their internal systems and product offerings. A key consideration is how they will use the ubiquitous ACH Network – which has continuously evolved since its inception to enable financial institutions and their customers to capitalize on new capabilities an derive greater value – into the future. Panelists in this session share their vision for the ACH Network and engage session participants in discussion on its future.

Questions answered by this session:
1. ACH Network volume has increased by more than one billion transactions annually over the past four years. What are its prospects for growth into the future?
2. How does the industry view the ACH Network and what needs to be done to ensure its continued vibrancy and relevance?

Roy DeCicco, CCM
Managing Director, Network Management, J.P. morgan
Ray Fattell
Head of Product Management, Transaction Banking for the Americas, MUFG Union Bank
Jane E. Larimer
Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel, NACHA
Laura Listwan, AAP, CTP
Senior Vice President, Head of Commercial Payments Products, Fifth Third Bank
Moderated by: Rossana Salaris Thomas, AAP
Director, KPMG


Disruptive Ideas & Technology

The pace of innovation continues to accelerate as more and more fintechs enter the market. Speakers discuss how to navigate the growing landscape to find the right solution to meet your organization's needs while ensuring it is a partnership that lasts. You will also learn how to determine the role financial institutions play in fintech partnerships to quickly bring innovative solutions to customers and members.

Questions answered by this session:
1. What are some key items to consider when assessing fintech solutions?
2. What are some benefits of an FI-sponsored fintech?

Chris Noe
SVP, Head of TM Innovation and Partner Development, Wells Fargo