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These sessions are designed for senior executives to examine critical topics and engage in philosophical discussion.

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Monday, April 20, 2020


Executive Series: A Simplified Solution for the Future of Payments

11:20 AM-12:10 PM | Room: Maryland 4-6
Track: Disruptive Ideas & Technologies

The world of global payments remains in constant flux, reflecting a new collaborative ecosystem amongst incumbent banks, digital giants, fintechs, card networks, and of course, consumers and merchants. Yet transformation in the payments industry tends to occur gradually. This session looks at how global payments are what is ahead in the next five years. Both incumbents and upstarts are focused on the advent of a global, simplified network capable of delivering cross-border, cross-currency mass payments using local, low-value clearing systems. Attendees will hear from industry experts who delve into an international use case that further explores the importance of building an end-to-end, connected global network as the foundation for payments transformation that includes a full range of payment channels.

Questions answered in this session:

1.    How can organizations become better prepared for future payment innovations?
2.    Why is it important for organizations to cater to a full breadth of payment mechanisms?


Andrew Joyce
Executive Director, FX Product Management, J.P. Morgan

Joseph Stark
Head of Americas, Earthport

Executive Series: Payments Innovations: Competition or Collaboration?

1:25 PM-2:15 PM | Room: Maryland 4-6
Track: Practical Strategies, Real Results

In the rapidly evolving world of payments, technology and innovation facilitate various solutions to promote security and resiliency while supporting broad access and financial inclusion. Every participant in the payments system, regardless of its role or its customer base, is faced with the challenge of assessing emerging technologies and developments in fintech to gauge the potential impact on the payments system and its stakeholders. This session features speakers with different perspectives on payments-related innovations who will explain how industry engagement and collaboration are essential to the evolution and advancement of the U.S. payments system.  Hear their real-world experiences in developing effective technical solutions in a constantly evolving industry.    

Questions answered in this session:

  1. What partnerships are shaping up to influence the future of payments? 
  2. What criteria are most important when evaluating investments in emerging technology and solutions?


Richard G. Leary
SVP - Head of Treasury Management Delivery, Wells Fargo

Keith Melton
SVP and Chief Strategy Officer, Retail Payments Office, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Stephen Mott
Principal, BetterBuyDesign

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Executive Series: Community FI Strategies for Survival in the Age of Acceleration 

2:20 PM-3:10 PM | Room: Maryland 4-6
Track: Practical Strategies, Real Results

The stakes have never been greater for community financial institutions facing a plethora of contemporary challenges. According to a McKinsey report, these inflection points include transformative shifts ranging from disintermediation threats from big tech firms, rapidly changing customer expectations, the need to drive cost-efficiencies to remain profitable and embrace new business models, such as platforms-as-a-service. But there can be good news among these threats: community FIs that understand this dynamic marketplace and respond assertively with well-executed strategic choices can not only survive, they will thrive. Join this panel to hear how successful community FIs are fine tuning their strategies to be future ready.    

Questions answered in this session:

  1. Which change management strategies are priorities for transforming the FI for future survival?
  2. How will payments be aligned in the community FI of the future?


Scott Erkonen
Chief Information Officer, Great Western Bank

John Smith
EVP/Chief Information & Administrative Officer, United Bank

Cary Whaley, III, AAP, NCP
1st VP, Payments & Technology Policy, Independent Community Bankers of America

Moderated by: Deborah Matthews Phillips, AAP
Senior Vice President, Payments and Technology Policy & Industry Relations, ICBA Bancard