Corporate & End-User Perspectives Track

Corporate & End-User Perspectives Track

At the end of the day, it’s all about the customer. Content focuses on their experiences and needs, and the solutions and business practices to help them succeed.

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MONDAY, APRIL 30, 2018

The Tipping Point in Payments: A Corporate Perspective

Corporate & End User Perspectives | Intermediate
10:00 AM-10:50 AM | Room 7B

Panelists examine the impact of recent innovations – including Same Day ACH, real-time payments, instant account enrollment, and mobile authentication – and how they are improving the payments experience for users. Participate in a debate on whether the industry is at a tipping point or if more advances are needed.

Charles Ellert
Payments Strategy and Systems Leader, Verizon

Josh Karoly
Global Payments, Netflix

Ed Mock
Co-Founder, Executive Vice President, Product and Innovation, Dosh, LLC

Shawn Princell
President, Cash Flow Solutions, Inc.

Leveraging Electronic Payments Through Artificial Intelligence

Corporate & End User Perspectives | Intermediate
10:00 AM-10:50 AM | Corporate Learning Center

Learn how to save time and prevent productivity lost in manual remittance and find out how to improve KPIs across the credit-to-cash operation using an integrated receivables solution.

Chris Lalos
Accounting Manager, CPA, SharkNinja

Chantal Picard
Director of Finance and Systems, SharkNinja

The Changing Dynamics of Payments Fraud

Corporate & End User Perspectives | Intermediate
11:10 AM-12:00 PM | Room 4

This session highlights the latest trends uncovered in the all-new AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey.  Attendees learn how protective measures and tools are being leveraged to help deal with the rise in payments fraud.

Carl Magnus Carlsson
Manager, Treasury and Payments, Association for Financial Professionals

Sarah Schaus
Assistant Treasurer and Assistant Vice President, Allianz Life Insurance Company

How a Utility Company Powered Up with Payment Validation

Corporate & End User Perspectives | Intermediate
11:10 AM-12:00 PM | Corporate Learning Center

Unauthorized, insufficient funds (NSFs), and administrative returns can create headaches for high-volume, recurring billers. Hear how large utility companies use payment validation processes to reduce inaccurate banking data entry and costs, while improving the customer experience.

Patrick Naples
Manager Operations, Customer Payment Processing, PSE&G

Beth Probst
Vice President, Wells Fargo

Embracing Local Currency Payables for Cross Border Suppliers

Corporate & End User Perspectives | Advanced
1:15 PM-2:05 PM | Room 3

This session helps attendees evaluate the benefits of a same-currency, cross-border strategy vs. transitioning to a cross-currency solution. Panelists discuss the necessary steps for implementation and provide advice on how to best gain the buy-in from stakeholders.

Douglas Houser
Head of Global Cross Currency Solutions, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

David Tao
Treasury Manager, Uber

Shake It Up: When & How to Redesign Your Payments Experience

Corporate & End User Perspectives | Intermediate
1:15 PM-2:05 PM | Corporate Learning Center

Attend this session for an exclusive look at new research on how and when executives plan to adopt new payment methods, from APIs to the cloud.

Curtis Ash
CFO, Avid Acceptance, LLC

Marc Sczesnak
Director, Product Manager, ACI Worldwide

The Future of Corporate Banking

Corporate & End User Perspectives | Advanced
4:40 PM-5:30 PM | Room 5B

APIs, distributed ledger technologies, cloud computing, automation, and machine intelligence all play a role in the future of corporate banking. How will these advances in banking technology support the work of the corporate treasurer? Industry experts discuss the practical considerations for financial institutions to meet the needs of their corporate customers.

Daniel Bendersky
Solution Consulting, Transaction Banking Solutions, Finastra

Sarah T. Billings
Senior Vice President, Head of Payment Strategy and Transformation, PNC Bank

Mary Ann Francis
Global Head for Strategy and Product, Payments, Treasury and Blockchain, DXC Technology/CeleritiFin Tech

Kim Sipes, CTP
Director, Treasury, Duke Energy

TUESDAY, MAY 1, 2018

Practical Perspectives on ISO 20022 Adoption

Corporate & End User Perspectives | Advanced
10:15 AM-11:05AM | Room 8

Based on their experiences in the European, U.S. and Canadian markets with ISO 20022 adoption, panelists provide insight about the process of migrating a corporate to ISO 20022, as well as the benefits.

Tricia Balfe
Vice President Services, XMLdation Ltd.

Roy DeCicco, CCM
Managing Director, Network Management, J.P. Morgan

Frank Keller
Principal, Innovation, Payments Canada

Leisa E Millier
Vice President Global Transaction Banking, TD Securities

Eric Witt
Senior Director, Global Treasury Systems, United Technologies

The Power of ACH: Transforming Business by Lowering Costs & Adding Efficiency

Corporate & End User Perspectives | Intermediate
10:15 AM-11:05AM | Corporate Learning Center

Learn how a company transitions its customers from credit payments to online payments with ACH, creating an opportunity for real-time payments and lowering processing costs. Hear what happened when GateHouse made a decision to offer ACH to its monthly advertisers.

William Manes
Chief Strategy Officer, Transactis, Inc.

Betty Tudisco
Treasury Manager, Gatehouse Media

Supply Chain Solutions: If Disintermediation Scares You, Try Being Marginlized

Corporate & End User Perspectives | Advanced
11:20 AM-12:10 PM | Room 7B

Learn how innovation and better technologies mixed with classic solutions can be part of a cutting edge line-up that keeps bankers at the center of the relationship with their corporate clients.

Alan S. Koenigsberg
Chief Revenue Officer, TraxPay AG

Markus Rupprecht
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, TraxPay AG

Thomas Spataro, CTP, FLMI
U.S. Treasurer, Computershare

Real-Life Improvements in Corporate Electronic Payments

Corporate & End User Perspectives | Intermediate
11:20 AM-12:10 PM | Corporate Learning Center

Learn how corporations reduced the complexity of electronic payments and cash reporting for domestic and international payments by implementing the ISO 20022 standard. Panelists reveal best practices and lessons learned from their experiences, as well as new areas the ISO 20022 can be deployed in the U.S.

Ed Barrie
Director, Treasury, Tableau Software

Guy Berg
Vice President, Payments, Standards & Outreach Group, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Rich Urban
President, IFX Forum, Inc.

Making Payments in the Cloud

Corporate & End User Perspectives | Intermediate
2:30 PM-3:20 PM | Room 1A

Payments have evolved from a fully paper-based process to telephone dial-up, then the internet, and now the Internet of Things (IOT). Attendees receive practical ideas about how to implement real time, Same Day ACH, distributed ledger technology and more from a payment service hub running in the cloud. Uncover the myths and realities behind implementation, total cost of ownership, security, compliance and risk.

Peter Hazou
Director, Business Development, Microsoft Corporation

James Hebert
Director of Consulting, Payments Platforms/Hubs, CGI Technologies and Solutions Inc.

New Delivery Channel for Remote Cash Capture

Corporate & End User Perspectives | Intermediate
2:30 PM-3:20 PM | Room 8

This case study highlights a regional financial institution’s search for and eventual partnership with a vendor that could provide them with a turnkey and managed Smart Safe program structure. Gain an understanding on how the market is changing.

Erika R. Miller
District Manager, Goodwill Industries of Michiana, Inc.

Andrea D. Smiddy-Schlagel, AAP, CTP
Vice President, Treasury Services Division Head, 1st Source Bank

Patrick E. Smith
Director of Sales, Remote Cash Capture, Superior Press, Inc.

Driving Payments in the Right Direction

Corporate & End User Perspectives | Intermediate
2:30 PM-3:20 PM | Corporate Learning Center

KYC is top of mind for everyone in the payments industry. In this session, panelists discuss having complex payment processes in place, while being an early adopter in implementing rigorous KYC procedures. They also share their progress, including any obstacles to overcome, such as challenges faced as they address sanctions management with their teams. Attendees learn how the panelists have managed controls and visibility across more than one payments system.

Crista Binder
Treasurer, City of El Segundo

Craig Jeffery, CCM
Managing Director, Strategic Treasurer LLC

Scott Lambert, AAP, CCM, PMP
Treasury Senior Director, Cigna Corporation

What Corporations Expect from Real-Time Payments

Corporate & End User Perspectives | Intermediate
4:35 PM-5:25 PM | Room 5A

The Clearing House’s new Real-Time Payments (RTP) platform has the potential to transform the U.S. payments landscape and enable financial institutions and businesses alike to rethink how they develop and deploy payments solutions. Panelists share what they expect to see in future payments solutions built on this platform and how they can be used to provide value to end users.

Jim Colassano
SVP, Product Development & Strategy, The Clearing House

Charles Ellert
Head of Payments Strategy, Verizon

Shawn Princell
President, Cash Flow Solutions, Inc.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

B2B Payments in the Long Tail

Corporate & End User Perspectives | Intermediate
8:00 AM-8:50 AM | Room 1A

The Business Payments Coalition Vendor Forum discusses initiatives advocated by vendors that chip away at the barriers businesses face enabling straight-through processing. Learn about interoperability frameworks and the role standards play in this process.

Guy Berg
VP, Payments, Standards and Outreach Group, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Christopher Clausen
Director, North American Payments & Transactional Solutions, Deluxe Corporation

Michael Jasper
Director, Network & Financing Services, Americas & APAC, Basware, Inc.

Payments: It’s All About the Data

Corporate & End User Perspectives | Intermediate
10:10 AM-11:00 AM | Room 1A

This session focuses on how financial institutions and their clients can leverage payments information and advanced technologies to transform business as usual.

Ed Barrie
Director, Treasury, Tableau Software

Colin Kerr, CTP
Director, Data Management and Analytics, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Session details are subject to change.